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Start Saving the World With These Little Things, College Guide  

We should do our part to save the planet. You don’t have to be a business magnate, a politician, or a celebrity to make a change. Here are a few things you can do as a college student. Hopefully, you will share this post so we can reach more people. Your little ways can make a difference.   

Take Advantage Of Technology   

If you are still subscribed to magazines or newsletters, we recommend that you get the digital version. Imagine the amount of paper you would save just by switching options. When you have the physical magazine, and you are done reading it, you would usually just throw them out. Or perhaps, it will just collect dust. Again, a better choice and an eco-friendly option is to go digital.  

For your billing statements, make sure to notify the company to send you an email. Start going paperless from now on.     

And of course, there’s nothing wrong if you still use a traditional notebook for classes. But if you have a tablet and you can write there, as if you are manually writing on paper, then we recommend you do that. You can even use the EverNote app so you can organize your notes.   

Donate Your Reading Materials   

If you still have tons of reading materials at home such as old magazines and books, you can always donate them. Just so you know, hospitals, homeless shelters, and the local community center would surely use it. They are always on the lookout for reading materials that they could share with their clients and patients.   

Bring Your Own Water Bottle   

When you are out, make sure to have a water bottle with you. This is way better than buying single-use plastic. There are a lot of amazing bottles to choose from. That’s a good gift idea as well for college students. You can use these tumblers not just for your water, but also for other beverages like tea or coffee.    

Reusable Containers When Doing Your Grocery Shopping   

Another way to save the world is by simply bringing reusable containers while you are doing your groceries. You can place your dried goods in there instead of asking for a different plastic bag. You should also bring a huge grocery bag for all your shopping needs. You need to be cautious and conscious of your choices.   

Choose Brands That Are Eco-Friendly   

When you are buying items, try to look at the label and even at the packaging. From there, you can already assess which ones are more environmentally friendly. Support these brands, and eventually, more companies would follow their lead.   

Avoid Using Trays Whenever Possible   

If you don’t need to use trays, then just don’t. By doing such, you are saving a lot of water because there’s no need to clean anything. If you can handle your food and beverages using both of your hands, then that’s way better.   

Buy Secondhand Items  

Instead of getting new things, try to live a more sustainable lifestyle from now on. You can go to thrift stores for clothes and shoes. Aside from that, there are a lot of used books that are more affordable. See? You are not just saving the planet, you are also saving a lot from your budget.   

Walk Or Use a Bike Going Around   

If you live near the campus, there’s no need to take your car or hail a cab. Why don’t you just walk instead? Or if you want, you can invest in a bike. These are better options because it’s also a form of exercise. And as we all know, most college students are living a sedentary lifestyle and they claim not to have time to work out. But with this option, you won’t have an excuse.   

Start Your Own Small Vegetable Garden   

If possible, you should now start your vegetable garden. If many people will do the same, then we can cut down the carbon footprint to transport vegetables. Plus, gardening can improve one’s mood. Who knows if this could be a good therapy for you?   

Hang Your Clothes Instead Of Using a Dryer   

If you live in an area where it is sunny, then use it to your advantage. Save energy by skipping the dryer and let the sun do its wonders.   

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