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Start An Airbnb Business, College Tips    

If you want to start your business while studying in college, then why don’t you consider Airbnb. Let’s give you some practical tips on how to start a thriving business. Yes, we believe you can manage it alongside your reports and other requirements for school. It’s also a good practice if you plan to become a big entrepreneur in the years to come.   

What’s good about Airbnb is that it is highly popular around the globe. Using the platform and carrying their name is already a good marketing strategy. It began in 2007 and they have more or less three million properties available.   

How To Start?   

First of all, you need to register as a host on Airbnb. You need to submit the photos of your property including product descriptions. The important details you need to add are the following:   

  • Location   
  • Price   
  • Number of rooms or beds   
  • Amenities and facilities   
  • Do’s and Don’ts   

You don’t have to be all too flowery with your words. Most people looking for a place to rent on Airbnb are straightforward. So don’t overpromise when you post your property. Manage their expectations even at the onset.   

Download the Airbnb App   

The platform also offers a mobile app. We suggest that you download it so you can be notified if there are messages for you. Your response behavior can also affect your business. Thus, you need to address any concerns as soon as possible.   

Give Your Property A Local Taste   

While some people would like to live in a place where it has a hotel-feel, many people would prefer a cozy home that reflects the local destination. They want to immerse themselves in what local people do, and you can integrate that into the design of your property. Perhaps, give them local tips such as the night market. Or add a few historical elements in your room. That will make your property stand out because you are already giving them a unique experience.  

Don’t Expect To Get Huge Profit Right Away   

Just like any other business, you can’t expect that you would be living a rich lifestyle right away. The total amount of money you’d get from your renters isn’t for you alone. You need to think about the maintenance and even the insurance of the property. But what’s good is that when your property becomes a big hit, you will get a steady source of income. And yes, you can add more properties to your portfolio. Before you know it, you can do this as a full-time business right after your graduation.   

How Do You Price Your Property   

Even if you have the most luxurious furniture in your apartment, you also have to check the pricing within your market and location. If you are too high, don’t expect that inquiries will come pouring in. You need to be realistic and you have to make your research.   

Don’t Forget To Ask Them For Good Reviews   

Sometimes, renters tend to forget to leave reviews. Subtly remind them of that. Eventually, it will be your ticket to getting more tourists and travelers renting your place. Just in case you receive a bad review, try to stay calm and don’t respond while you are also irate.   

Be diplomatic and see if there are issues where you had your shortcomings. If there are any, then apologize for that. And don’t forget to act on the issue as soon as possible. One negative feedback shouldn’t let you stop from operating your business.   

Check Your Local Jurisdiction   

Before you start your journey, you need to check if you are allowed to host in your jurisdiction. After all, you wouldn’t want to face legal issues in the future, would you?  

Outsource A Trusted Person   

Just in case you can’t always go to the property, you can hire someone that can do it for you. But make sure that you trust them. Do your due diligence before hiring them. Otherwise, your renters might give you a bad review just because of the service.   

Get Help With Your Course Work   

Now, if you want to be more hands-on with your business, you might want to get help with your coursework and other assignments. Fortunately, there are service providers online that can help you with that. Look for them and let them work on your homework. As for you, focus on marketing the property and get a steady flow of income even before you get your degree.   

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