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Start A Healthier Routine, Quick Guide For College Students 

When you start studying in college, the common initial goal is to pass all your subjects and to earn a degree. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. However, in most cases, most college students unintentionally ignore their health. And while you can still function and pass your exams because you seem to have unending energy, that can take a toll on your well-being years from now.  

So, what we have here is a quick list of what you need to do as a college student to stay healthy and fit. We are not just talking about your physique or getting that toned abs. Remember that health is holistic.  

Be Thankful For What You Have  

One of the reasons why we feel sad or stressed is that we don’t look at the brighter side of things. We often forget that we are lucky enough. The mere fact that you are studying, have a roof over your head, eating decent meals – these are all worthy of your gratitude.  

What you can do is to have a gratitude journal. In this journal, write everything that you have to be thankful for. The sunlight. The water. The gadgets. Your friends. List it down and when you feel emotional and you feel that the universe is against you, just go back to your journal and read its contents.  

Make Time To Sweat It Off  

Even if you have many requirements to fulfill, it is a must that you make time to exercise. Thirty minutes shouldn’t eat up a lot from your day, right? If you are living near your campus, then you can run around. If you are allowed to use your facilities like the pool, then take advantage of it. Yoga is another option too. The point is, you have to flex those muscles and stay away from a sedentary lifestyle.  

Stay Away From Social Media  

We’ve noticed that the younger generation is always glued to their gadget, scrolling down their news feed. While it is not entirely bad as you get yourself updated, doing so excessively can have an effect on your mental health. We are not making this up as this is backed up by actual research and study.  

Facebook, for example, has a feature where you can check your social media usage. Take advantage of that.  

Don’t Stay Up Too Late  

We understand that in some cases, you need to put an all-nighter to finish a report or to prepare for an exam. However, if you keep on staying late every day for invalid reasons such as partying or watching Netflix, then you have to reassess your life.  

As we all know, lack of sleep can make you inefficient and you will have a harder time focusing on your tasks. Try to start a healthy sleeping habit. Stay away from heavy meals hours before your bedtime. And make it a habit to stay away from gadgets too. If you can, listen to good music or meditate.  

Manage Your Finances  

You might think this is a misplaced tip, but if you want to take care of your mental health, having healthy finances is a must.  

We’ve heard a lot of stories where college students are getting way too stressed because of a lack of funds. And as we all know, stress can consume us. It can affect our emotions and it will also manifest in our physical health.  

Before it happens, make sure to have a budget. Stick to it. Or if you think you need to have a source of income, consider opening a small business or working remotely. Just make sure that it won’t jeopardize your studies. 

Choose The Right Set Of Friends  

The people around you can also influence your mood. So if you are about to go to college, keep in mind to choose your friends wisely. Look for those who are optimistic and goal-oriented. Stay away from folks where they would rather party all night than have a good sleep.  

You are already an adult, and you must make better judgments.  

Prepare Your Own Meal  

It’s tempting to just order food from fast-food chains. After all, you have a lot of things to do, right? But as we all know, these meals aren’t healthy and they will do you no good. What we recommend is that you invest in a few appliances so you can prepare healthy meals for yourself.  

There are easy recipes online which you can complete in minutes. You can start with that first. What’s good about preparing your own meal is that you stay healthy, and your budget stays intact.  

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