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Squid Game: What College Students Can Learn From It

Squid Game: What College Students Can Learn From It

As the Squid Game memes continue to flood social media, it is undoubtedly a successful series that has caught the attention of many. Set in Korea, this survival show offered a unique storyline that won the hearts of many.

What makes it interesting?

Imagine 456 debt-ridden Korean adults given the chance to play various children’s games to eventually win a total of 45.6 billion won or around 40 million US dollars. However, there is one catch. Only one player will survive. 

It was quite easy to associate with the storyline as most of us face some sort of financial burden seeking for ways to achieve financial freedom and riches. But what are you willing to do to get these?

5 Lessons the Squid Game Has Taught Us

The series has taught us a lot of things. Here are some of those and see if you realized the same. 

High Risks Have High Rewards

You cannot expect much unless you give much. Lose, you get slapped, or worse, you die. Win and you survive to spend $40 million dollars.

The same is true when studying in college. The more effort you put into your subjects, the most likely you will get good grades. You cannot expect to get high grades without investing sufficient time and effort.

Additionally, as you begin to experience the euphoria of winning, you see yourself even more driven to get to the top. You take bigger risks hoping for greater things in return.

Life Is Unfair

Some students, no matter how good they are, can still experience a lot of struggles in their student life. Finances, for one, can really deprive college students from a lot of opportunities.

In the series, although treated as equals, there are still some players who are stronger, skilled and better than everyone else. It simply teaches us that we can still have an edge over others, despite not having money or power. Skills that we harness to make us better can help us go a long way.

Life Is Taken One Step At A Time

Success takes time and does not happen overnight.

Creating a plan and following through can help you get to where you need to be. Surrounding yourselves with people can help you get to the top, but they can only help you up to a certain point. In the end, it is just you against everything and everyone else. However, rushing into anything will only lead you to pitfalls that are usually hard to get out from. Take certain steps to your goals instead of trying to beat everyone to the top.

Never Underestimate Others

Everyone can excel. The moment you think that you are better than everyone else is where defeat and failure begins. The students that are excelling in your first year in college may not be the same people who would end up recognized with high honors on graduation day. 

Again, everyone can excel, at their own time and pace. You can bloom and reach the top too, with enough effort or when your time to shine comes.

Always Be Surprised

It pays to be aware. In the first and most famous game in the series Red Light, Green Light, the first people who died in the game were the ones who took unconscious steps.

Life and being a college student is the same. At most times, you need to pause and to think before doing anything, just to give you enough time to assess the situation. Always take pauses. It gives you time to think and time to gather up your strength and courage to achieve greatness in your studies again.

The series Squid Game’s storyline is offers a lot of interesting moments that will make you think and wonder.

Several scenes have their obvious and not too obvious analogies with life, worth thinking about and pondering. As you play the repeat button and find entertainment in watching the series all over again, take time to look into the lessons.

See the circumstances that the characters are in, how they moved on from such challenges and how you can adapt these lessons to your life as a student and a young adult. 

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