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Spotify Playlists For College Students  

Many college students love to listen to songs. If you are one of them, chances are, you have Spotify on your smartphone. But have you ever considered which playlists can help you with your life? Well, if you need suggestions, here are some of our personal picks.  

Meditate to the Sound of Nature  

We always encourage college students to meditate. We know for a fact that you always have a busy day ahead and we want you to start it the right way.  

Practicing meditation has been proven to be effective. This can make you more productive and it can help you stay calm.  

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to panic whenever we have exams or deadlines to beat. But if you know how to control your emotions, you can deal with these better. And that can be your key to doing more and producing better output.  

Music For Concentration  

If you are always distracted, you are not alone. It’s certainly easy to lose focus. And that is why, we recommend this playlist for you.

To date, there are more than 1.2M followers of this playlist, and we can understand why. You can listen to this during the weekends, most especially if you need to finish a few things before the classes resume.  

As you listen to the songs, it keeps you relaxed but it has the right tempo to keep you going. This is indeed, highly recommended.   

Workout Beats  

Even with tons of reports and exams to think about, we suggest that you leave time to work out. It’s important that you just don’t sit on your desk and study. Your body needs to be active. And so exercising is always encouraged.  

And we all know that it’s better to listen to upbeat songs to fuel you up. This playlist has more than 877k followers.  

Beach Music 2021, Chill Summer Music  

Just in case you are about to visit the beach with your friends, this is the best playlist right now. Enjoy the life and your youth. College should be the time where you need to be a bit carefree and let loose. Do not be afraid to make mistakes – but make sure you set your boundaries.  

Play these tunes and you get to enjoy the sands and waves even more.  

Long Drive + Sing Along  

If you and your friends are planning to have a long drive over the weekend, this playlist could be the right one. You can just imagine the perfect sunset, not having plans, and just trying to escape the reality.  

It’s always good to have a breather. And we encourage that you practice it once in a while. Once you are done with your degree, you will also need to find that balance. You see, many people are overworked that they don’t know when to pause and just relax. Don’t be like them.  

College Party 2021  

We know that partying isn’t allowed yet because of the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play songs that will make you want to dance. Right now, it only has 6k followers, but we bet the number will grow overtime.  

2000s Hits  

If you want songs from the not-so-distant past, then playing hits from the 2000s should do you good. You will never have regrets listening to the fun and cool songs back then.  

The following are not songs, but podcasts that you might want to include in your playlist.  

5 Minutes to Start Your Day Right  

If meditation sounds are not for you, then maybe hearing encouraging words should help you. From here, you get to understand why most successful people will tell you to make your bed every morning. This seems like an overly used tip, but it does make sense.  

But of course, there are more things you can learn from this.

TED Talks Daily  

Who doesn’t want to listen to TED Talks, right? You get to understand different topics. From climate change to politics, to sports – they have it. And what’s good is that it expands your knowledge, and it provides you a deeper perspective.  

As a college student, that can help you a lot. You can always use the topics and learning whenever you talk to people. It makes you more interesting as well. Listen to one episode per day, or whenever you are on your way to class, and that should be good.  

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