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Social Media Services You Can Provide, Earn As A College Student  

We don’t have to emphasize how social media shaped the world. In fact, a study says that we are to spend more time browsing social media than eating. And while some people ridicule jobs related to social media, we have to be honest – it pays well! That’s because there’s a huge demand for it.  

If you are a college student and you think you can manage other social media accounts, then this post is for you. Learn what services you can provide and earn good cash. At least with that, you are beefing up your resume. Plus, you are on your way to clearing your debts.   

So, shall we start?   

Profile Creation And Branding   

This service is ideal for new brands or businesses that are yet to create a profile on social media. What you can do is to show them the best approach being used by their competitors or similar brands in the industry. Of course, this is not to say that you will mimic their strategy.   

Your client needs strong branding that will reflect on their social media accounts. You can help them determine such and provide ideas that could win the market.   

Overall Social Media Strategy  

If you will notice, there are many small and mid-sized companies wherein their social media strategy is just way too cluttered. These brands need help, and your services can certainly organize their posts.   

When you provide a social media strategy, this means you will do extensive research. You need to know what platforms work for them best. Apart from that, you need to understand the usual keywords that their audiences use. That way, you can pattern the general theme of their content.   

When you show up to your client, show them a detailed plan of your social media strategy. This includes the calendar and how you and their team can achieve the business goals.   

Platform-Specific Social Media Services    

If you must know, what could work on Facebook might not give you the same results for LinkedIn or Pinterest. And that is why you have to understand the best approach for each platform. Alongside that, it is a must that you understand your client’s industry, niche, and target market. That way, you can provide the right solutions and be able to focus your efforts on the right social media platform.  

Graphic Design Services   

We are visual creatures. And that is why in social media, posts that are usually viral are those with images or graphics that are compelling enough.   

If you believe you can understand all the specifications required for graphics in each platform, then you can provide this service. Remember, an image used for Instagram might not fit well for Pinterest. You need to adjust it so that the platform’s regular users could appreciate your visuals.   

Content Writer   

How many times have you seen this ‘Content is King’ adage? Well, it’s popular for a reason.   

Let’s say that your images and videos are good. Reality check, it won’t cut it if the texts are not well thought out. For writers out there, you can also provide your services to improve one’s social media page. You can work on their caption or even write articles, so they have regular contents to publish.   

Here’s what we notice though. Many people write fluff online. You must never be like them. If you are to write for a client, make sure that it is valuable and useful for their market. Otherwise, you are just wasting real estate.   

Market Research   

Doing market research is essential for social media marketing strategy. If you have the means to do such, then we recommend offering this type of service. The data and information you would get could be the foundation for successful marketing.   

With this, you are to provide the online behavior of the market. Look for the hashtags they use or even the time they are mostly online. Even the simplest data can help when coming up with the right tactics.   

But before you offer your services, we suggest that you get seminars or trainings. This would allow you to learn the trends. And these certifications will help you gain trust. Fortunately, you can find these workshops and trainings online. Take advantage of those. After all, these will be your investments. It might cost you a bit for now, but the rewards would be massive.   

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