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Social Media Secrets Most People Don’t Know

The following information will help you on the personal side now and on the business side in the future. We’ll focus on Facebook and Instagram since these are the two most powerful platforms. Let’s begin with Facebook.

Facebook Secrets

The first thing you should know is that Facebook has many algorithms. One of those algorithms is specific to your friends list. Facebook ranks the order of your friends list based on who it thinks you will interact with most. Logically, those who you interact with most will be toward the top of the list, but this is also where the secret comes in. If you see someone toward the top of your friends list that doesn’t interact with you much, it means they have been watching your feed very closely. There is no better way to see who has a secret crush on you.

Switching to increasing your following, you do that by understanding people. What do people like to talk about the most? Answer: Themselves. If you want to build a large following on Facebook, then you need to cut down talking about yourself and start asking intriguing questions. If you really want this to be effective, then keep the question short enough so they will be in bold. That will attract much more attention.

The question method is highly effective, but you don’t want your page to be a Q&A either. Instead of posting about yourself, pay attention to what you see and hear throughout every day life and put a humorous spin on it. When you combine this with the questions, you will gain you a lot of traction.

One last Facebook secret is to post a video on your feed. It can be a video of anything. The objective is to see how many views you get, which you can then compare to how many reactions you get. If you do this a few times, you will likely notice a similar result with the numbers. You will be able to get an estimate on how many people are looking at your regular posts.

The following is an important tip if you plan on using Facebook for any kind of branding or business: Never polarize your audience. This means you should stay away from politics and religion at all costs. It’s recommended that you make your brand an escape from controversial issues so it’s something that makes everyone feel good.

Instagram Secrets

You probably already know this, but stories are much more effective than regular posts. Stories only last 24 hours, but your followers are much more likely to notice them because they will show up in the menu bar up top. With a regular post, you have to be on someone’s feed to see their most recent post. If you’re not familiar with stories, to access them, swipe right from your feed. Select the A in the top right corner. You can post your story and select from five different fonts.

Here is something you probably don’t know about Instagram. You can only post a link in your bio, but you can use captions in your photos to direct people to that link. Simply ask them to click on the link in your bio and some of them will. It’s a lot easier to get what you want when you ask for it.

Do you have a photo or video you want to post but you don’t want comments on it? You can do that. Go to Advanced Settings and select Turn Off Comments. You can only do this for a specific post though. You can’t make it an all-the-time setting.

Have you ever looked at someone else’s photos and accidentally liked it while looking? Yeah, that’s embarrassing. In order to avoid this, go to that person’s feed, then go to Airplane Mode. Since you’re in Airplane Mode, you won’t be connected to the internet, which means you can tap on the photos all you want and nothing will happen.

If you’re worried about a specific photo or video you post leading to inappropriate comments, or a specific person who might react to that photo or video in a negative way, you can go to your settings and Hide Inappropriate Comments based on the keywords you select. If you don’t already know, you can just swipe left on the comment and select the garbage pail, but if you go this route, the damage might have already been done if the comment had been sitting there for hours.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more social media secrets than most people on the planet. Apply them how you see fit. They should help you on a personal and business level. If you’re still in college, this is the ideal to start investing in yourself. Build your brand now so you get a head start in the coming years. You will be glad you did.

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