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Skills to Improve, Stand Out During Job Interviews

A few employers have already called you up and scheduled you for an interview. That’s amazing! But of course, we all know that you have to prepare to improve the chance of landing a contract the soonest possible time. And so apart from practicing common interview questions, there are several skills that you have to work on. 

Fortunately, we did the heavy lifting for you, and we consolidated the best skills you have to hone before you have your job interview. 


Self-confidence can go a long way and is your first ticket to get that dream position. And while this is a not a skill that you can learn overnight, there are techniques that can help boost your confidence. 

What you can do is to think about your strengths. List down the things you are good at and your past achievements. Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves, and we forget our abilities. But if you will just take the time to write it down and re-affirm that you are good enough, that could help. 

Also, your friends and families can help too. If they could remind you of how good you are, then these would be instant ego-boosters.    

Remember though, that self-confidence is different from arrogance. 

Verbal Communication Skills 

There are a few people who are exceptional when speaking. They have that convincing power, and it seems they always have the authority. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be like them—all it takes it to practice. 

Even if it sounds odd, you can practice speaking in front of the mirror. Or perhaps, list down several random topics and try to talk about your views and opinion. You can do this activity on your own or do it with your friends. Sooner or later, you would realize that you speak more naturally and with the right amount of conviction and confidence. 

In addition, always read about current events. This helps in providing more value when you speak. 


Even if you speak well, it doesn’t matter if you do not listen. A great conversation takes place only if you listen and understand what the other party is talking about. So in the case of being interviewed, you have to listen to every word to answer accordingly. 

Body Language 

There are also specific body languages that you have to master. Of course, we have eye contact which you need to maintain all throughout the interview. Not looking at your interviewer sends a signal that you are not interested. 

Also, sit down properly and with confidence. You do not slouch as it diminishes professionalism and shows a lack of self-confidence. 

Try not to cross your arms or place your hands onto your pocket. These are subtle signs that you are hiding something from your interviewer. You can do a few hand gestures if you are making a point, but don’t overdo it as it creates ‘visual noise’.

Writing Skills 

Even if you are not applying for a writing position, it is always nice to have good writing skills. You need it when drafting an email or creating a report. And so it is essential to understand the basics and to widen your vocabulary. 

And speaking of vocabulary, you might want to stay away from colloquial terms and learn business or corporate language. 

Time Management 

Some of you might ask, how can we show to our potential employers that we are good at managing our time. The simple answer is, do not be late for your interview. Of course, there might be a lot of factors why an applicant misses his or her schedule. But on a typical day, you should be able to anticipate the traffic or cause of delays and be able to have a workaround. 

In addition, if there are requirements needed, make sure to send it the soonest possible time. Again, this will show how you value time and how you manage it. 

Let’s just say that you got an interview schedule with a company that is not your top priority. This doesn’t mean that you should exert less effort or that you will not consider the skills above. In fact, we recommend that every time you have a job interview, you will exercise the same amount of effort. That way, it will be natural in the long run. And when the time comes that a company of your choice is interviewing you, it will be easy to nail it.  

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