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Should You Use TikTok, College Tips

TikTok is huge. And if you haven’t noticed, people all over the globe are getting addicted to it. As a college student, do you think it’s worth a shot? Do you think you need an account and do videos here? Well, if you want to know more, read this post and be enlightened.  

It’s A Fun Platform  

Being a university student doesn’t mean you have to be all serious. Sometimes, you can have fun too. So if you want to do some crazy dances with your friends, then go ahead. If you want to join the viral dances, feel free to do so. But of course, do so with caution.  

It Can Help You Spread Advocacy  

Because the platform is so big, it can be a great way to promote the advocacy you are supporting. It’s easy to edit videos and you don’t have to be a professional to do it. Just a few tweak, add music, and you are all good.  

Simply put, use the platform for a greater purpose.  

It’s A Great Venue To Brand Yourself  

Since you are about to get your degree, establishing your brand is also important. This is what’s going to make you stand out from the competition.  

You see, most employers and hiring managers will check your social media pages. They will try to see if you are a perfect fit for their culture. If they see that you are using platforms like TikTok to properly position yourself in the market, that’s already your leverage.  

You Can Practice Building Content  

In today’s age, building online content is a skill that most employers are looking for. It can help their business grow with creative ideas.  

You can simply show them your previous TikTok videos, and they could instantly assess if you have potential.  

You Get To Meet Like-Minded People  

When you do videos, it’s possible that you get traction. If other TikTok users appreciate your content, they are likely to reach out to you. These same folks could be part of your network. Don’t forget to respond to their messages and be genuine when building a relationship. 

What You Shouldn’t Post On TikTok  

We know you can be pretty excited to post videos on TikTok, but as an adult, you have to take things slowly. Assess if it’s worth sharing to the public.  

Meanwhile, let’s give you a list of things you should avoid posting on the platform.  

Illegal Content  

This one is already obvious. But if you don’t want to get into trouble, never post anything that can be used to sue you. This includes drugs or other activities that will alert the authorities. Say goodbye to your good track record if you plan to do this. 

‘Adult’ Content  

Remember, there are a lot of young people who are on TikTok. Imagine if you will use the platform to share ‘adult’ content. Most likely it will get deleted. But there could be instances that it would take a while before it could be taken down.  

Your Personal Quarrels  

At times, it can be tempting to post your innermost feelings. For example, you are having some fights with your relatives. Instead of reaching out to them directly, you will make a video out of it. It’s a passive-aggressive move which we will not encourage you to do.  

Outdated Information  

If you are to post something, make sure that it is backed up with facts. Otherwise, people will perceive that you are trying to be a know-it-all. It can draw a huge backlash.  

Know your story and back it up with real data.  

Insensitive Remarks  

We all have our opinions and that’s fine. However, we should know the proper venue for sharing our thoughts. If you feel that it is overly sensitive and could hurt others, then you might want to rethink about posting it on your TikTok.   

Bad Grammar  

Yes, you have to check if your grammar and spelling are correct. It’s crucial most especially if a hiring manager is to check your account.  

If you decided to create a TikTok account, make sure that you are responsible enough. Post decent videos with substance. After all, you wouldn’t want your future employer to see that. As clichĂ© as this may sound, you do have to think before you click. Whatever you put online, even if you delete it, will be permanent so you have to be extremely careful.  

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