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Should You Use Cloud Services, Tips For University Students  

In today’s age, people are already using cloud services to store their files, whether documents, images, videos, or sounds. But is it worth it? If you want to know the benefits of using cloud services as a college student, then this post is for you.   

You Can Save Practically Anything   

As we’ve said, you can store practically any type of file on your cloud. So, if you are a college student who needs to keep modules, video presentations, and images during your weekend get-a-way, it’s better to store them in the cloud.   

For others, you might think that an external hard drive is way better and is more secure. However, it could be prone to getting corrupt or getting stolen. And that’s why you will notice a lot of people making the big switch from using an external hard drive to getting cloud services.   

You Can Easily Access Your Cloud   

As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can access your files stored in your cloud storage. This is beneficial for college students who tend to forget things. Ask yourself, what if you need to submit a report and you suddenly forgot your hard drive? Having a copy in your cloud could save the day. And since most professors will require that you send a soft copy, then you are all good.   

Or if in case they need the hard copies, you can just access your account in a computer shop and have it printed.   

You Can Work On Different Devices With Ease   

When you have cloud storage, you can easily open it on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even if you are on the road and you need to edit your research paper or homework, you may do so right away.   

It’s Best For Collaboration   

As a college student, there are projects wherein you need to collaborate with others. And if you don’t have the same schedule, it could be hard. Now, sending the latest version of the document or file over email can take a while. Plus, it’s hard to organize. If you are more than two in a group, it’s harder to track which is the latest version.   

With the cloud, this can be avoided. You can edit the file and your groupmates can see the changes in real-time. The good thing about other services is that you are able to track who made the changes. Plus, you can comment on the document.   

Your Files Are Backed Up   

In most cases, cloud storage can back up your files. So even if the power goes out, there’s an assurance that your most recent works were saved. That’s what you essentially need if you are trying to wrap a report at the last minute.   

It’s Safe and Secure   

People think that it isn’t safe to use the cloud to store your files and other documents. But that’s far from the truth. Our technology gets better over time. And since a lot of people are using the cloud, and many businesses offer it, they are doing their best to improve their security year after year.    

It’s Eco-Friendly   

Imagine the trees you can save by not printing your handouts or other learning materials. All you have to do is just save it all on your cloud. You can even save money because you don’t have to photocopy or print.   

The Best Cloud Services Today   

Google Drive   

If you want a decent amount of cloud storage, then we recommend Google Drive. It gives you 15GB of storage. Just create a Google Account and you are good to go. What’s good is that you can make the files available offline as well.   


We have to say that Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services. They have a basic free account that allows you to enjoy 2GB. But quite frankly, that’s too low if you are to save a lot. If your budget permits, you can always upgrade your plans.   


OneDrive from Microsoft is also a good choice. They offer affordable plans and you can use different features. It’s one of the best in the market, and there’s a surge of users.   

As early as now, we recommend that you invest in your own cloud storage. Come to think of it. You can also use the files once you start working. You can build your portfolio from your old reports and documents.    

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