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Should You Take the First Job Offer?

Right after college, most of us would like to land a job. It could be because we are excited to use our knowledge, get paid, or are pressured. After all, most of your peers are already working. While it is tempting to get the first job offer that comes your way, you have to consider a number of things before signing a contract. 

Know Your Priorities 

To begin with, there’s no single answer if you should take the first job offer. But you have to ask yourself. Do you need the money right away? Or are you targeting a specific company? This depends on your current needs and goals. 

For those who want to pay their debt and get experience, accepting their first job offer may be necessary. However, if you are eyeing for a position in a specific company and you have to wait for months, this is fine as well – as long as you can still financially survive. 

Know what you want, and figure out how much you can tolerate. 

Evaluate the Company 

The problem with most new graduates is that they gauge a company according to its industry standing. However, it is crucial that you understand the whole culture of the business. Do they have a vision that works well with you? Are you willing to share your talents to help grow the company? What are the issues or controversies that the business faced or is facing? 

Doing your research pays off. An easy Google search will give you a lot of answers. Or if you know someone working in the company, you can subtly ask about the environment or working conditions. 

Check the Company Compensation Package 

While many people say that you shouldn’t look at the salary, we also have to be realistic. Bills will come pouring in, and of course, you would want a job that can cover it all. But aside from the basic salary, you should also look at the company benefits. 

Are they going to give you health insurance? How about the paid leaves? Can you include your family members in the beneficiaries? What are the retirement plans available? 

You see, it’s not just about the money you’d receive every pay cut, but rather the entire compensation. 

Career Growth and Training Opportunities 

When you are about to work, you should also consider if the company provides training. This is important for your career growth. You can always ask this at the onset and see what opportunities you can get from the company.

There are, of course, red flags that say you shouldn’t accept the first job offer. Here are some of those. 

Lack of Direction 

When you are in an interview, you should also take this opportunity to get to know the company. Ask more about the mission and vision. From there, you could already observe how the interviewer answers your question. Do they have the conviction? Do they really mean what they say? 

Bad Reputation 

This is already a given, but if a company has a lot of bad publicity going on, you might want to reconsider unless you want to take it as a challenge and be part of the solution. Otherwise, it’s a big risk. 

They are in a Rush 

We all want to get a job – and fast! But if the offer is too-good-to-be-true and happened quickly, you have to do some cross-checking. What could be the reason for it? 

Of course, this is not all bad. Maybe you just came in perfectly, and they opened a position. However, you also need to know the reason behind it. As early as now, you have to protect yourself. 

By the way, if they are putting you in a spot where you have to accept the offer, don’t say yes right away. Remember, taking a job is also a commitment. Politely ask if you can evaluate everything for a couple of days. Likewise, you should not be forced to start immediately. But again, this depends on your needs. 

Whatever your choice is, what matters most is that you maximize your time at the new company. Learn the trade, be proactive, innovate processes, and from there, you are already increasing your value. And that will be your leverage for promotion or if you wish to transfer to a different industry. 


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