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Should You Take a Job from an SME?

Without much of a surprise, most university graduates aim to land a job in Multinational Corporations or MNCs. The salary, the benefits, and of course the prestige, make these companies more appealing. However, we must also remember that there are small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs all over the globe. In fact, it forms a big part of our economy. While these companies might not be on top of your head when applying for a job, there are several reasons why you should consider these too.   

Great Place to Build Skills 

One of the advantages of working for an SME is that you get to learn other skills that are not exactly stipulated in your job description. For some, this might seem like a disadvantage. After all, why would you do a task not specific to your role, right? Well, if you have that thinking, it’s about time that you learn the growth mindset. You have to be open to new learnings.  

If you are new in the workforce, learning as much as you can is already an investment on its own. You are compelled to understand the business operations, and this naturally improves several skills. Simply put, it can be an excellent training ground for anyone. And the good part is, you are still getting paid. 

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of SME employees getting promoted year after year. Considering the experience and level of expertise, it’s easier to climb up the corporate ladder.

Of course, this is not saying that you must allow your employers to abuse you and ask you to do things that are extremely out of scope. If that’s the case, you need to be assertive. 

Gives You More Room to Explore Ideas

Smaller companies usually have limited resources. But this is not a reason for you to turn down an offer. If you are hired as a part of their team, take it to your advantage. Propose new ideas and create new processes that you think could be beneficial for the company. You will be given credit, and the management will appreciate you even more.   

You Grow with the Company   

Another reason why SMEs are a good place to work is that you can grow with the company. The pride of helping the business reach its current status is already an achievement on its own. You will now become more confident in providing solutions. And if you wish to transfer to your dream company, this could be your advantage as well.  

More Flexible 

We’ve talked to several SME employees and asked why they are staying in these companies knowing that they are qualified to apply in an MNC. To our surprise, they shared how they enjoy the level of flexibility that the SMEs offer. For example, if they need to urgently excuse themselves for personal emergencies, it’s easier to get approval. This can be attributed to a simpler and straightforward organizational structure. 

Efforts are Easily Recognized  

When you work in a larger company, it’s harder for your efforts to be recognized. It has to be extremely substantial. And at times, it can be frustrating knowing that you’ve exerted your best, but no one could really see it. 

Of course, we cannot blame our bosses, considering the scale of the business they manage. However, as human beings, we also long for recognition. For an SME, such culture is more evident. Even your CEO knows you by the first name and will acknowledge even small achievements. 

Quickly Responds to Emergencies

Let’s give you a recent example. When the coronavirus pandemic happened, the whole world was affected. Most businesses had to temporarily stop their operations as people were mandated to stay at home. 

The large companies had a hard time thinking of a workaround. Imagine organizing logistics and distributing equipment for thousands of employees. But the SMEs were able to adjust quickly. They swiftly organized work-from-home setup, which allowed their employees to bring their devices right away. Thus, their core operations were not gravely affected. 

Work-Life Balance 

A lot of SMEs offer flexible working hours and are result-oriented. This means that a person does not have to be in the office for 8 hours straight. If they could finish their deliverables earlier, then they have the luxury to do whatever they please. This creates a work-life balance that only a few people enjoy. Such a setup is hard to execute for bigger companies. 

We are not saying that MNCs are bad. Again, they also have their benefits. Our point here is, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. It’s not just in the big names and industry leaders. SMEs are an excellent place to start. And in fact, it’s not even wrong to stay.

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