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Should You Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most preferred places for students from all over the world when it comes to acquiring their educational degree. For most, New Zealand may seem to be an exotic destination, quite far from the rest of the world. However, with the unique culture, stunning environment and the excellent education that it offers, it is a preferred choice for students around the globe.

World class universities, internationally accredited qualifications, tons of research opportunities and a superb quality of life clearly are the top reasons why New Zealand is a dream destination for education. If you are looking to study as an international student or to pursue your masters abroad, here are some of the top reasons why you should study in New Zealand.

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful country. But there is more beyond its beautiful views, sceneries and culture. It is globally recognized as an excellent place for learning for international students.

World Class Education

One of the main reasons why you should consider studying in New Zealand is the fact that every single university in the country is included in the QS World Rankings. This ranking ranks all top international schools when it comes to popularity and performance.

The University of Auckland lands on the QS world top 100 while Victoria University in Wellington sits on the top 1% across 19 different subject areas. The University of Waikato in Hamilton ranks 72nd globally and number 1 in New Zealand when it comes to quality and research impact.

Innovation and Research

When it comes to innovative approaches in education, New Zealand offers plenty of opportunities for students. Universities boast highly experienced faculty members, modern and well-equipped laboratories, and access to the latest technologies, research, and development. 

The country is also known as among the top countries when it comes to R & D in various areas – healthcare, physics, geology, engineering, astronomy, agriculture and computer science. Nobel prize winners under the country’s records signifies how vast and rich New Zealand is when it comes to the scope and quality of their research facilities.

Lower Fees and Tons of Scholarships

New Zealand’s educational system is based on a British one and comes with much lower costs compared to other progressive countries like the United States. Tuition fees start at around NZ$20,000 or just under $15,000. It leaves you more that could be spent for the next semester or to be used in extra classes or personal expenses in the country.

Scholarships are also quite plentiful in New Zealand. However, you may have to do a lot of research to be able to find scholarship opportunities available for you. Check the universities that you are eyeing to get in and do not think twice in applying to available scholarships. For some cases, it won’t hurt if you simply ask these universities for possible scholarship programs you may qualify for.

Rich and Fantastic Culture and Nature

New Zealand is loved and enjoyed by many because of its rich cultural heritage. It is a boiling point of Western ways and cultures with Maori and British influences.  The history, language and the mythology is quite interesting. Arts, crafts and cooking are quite impressive too.

Sports is something equally interesting in New Zealand. Cricket is  a very popular sport together with Rugby. Ceremonial dances by the Kaka tribe and the outdoorsy lifestyle are also bonuses.  New Zealand is a wanderlust and it provides students opportunities to grow, not only in education but various aspects in life and culture too.

As an international student in New Zealand, you’ll also get access to a safe place where you can thrive and prosper. The quality of life is high and offers plenty of opportunities too. Working and studying can be done at the same time while enjoying a lot of social life. 

What’s even great about New Zealand is that you get to enjoy your stay, even long after graduation. You can easily find a job relevant to your degree, with the two additional years that you can enjoy after graduation. Applying for permanent residency is also a future you could look into after enjoying your time as a student in New Zealand.

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