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Should You Stay Away From Your College Peers, Know The Red Flags 

If you must know, the people you spend most of your time with can influence you. And that is why we recommend that you find a good circle. As college students, they should inspire you to be at your best and to reach your dreams.  

Now, how can you know if your peers are pulling you? Here are a few signs that you have to watch out for. Here are the red flags that scream you are spending time with a toxic person.  

They Make You Feel Small  

If your so-called friends would always belittle your achievements, then what’s the point of spending time with them? They are not happy when you are happy, and they would always find ways to embarrass you. And even if you confront them about it, they will just say that you are too sensitive.  

They Try To Control You  

You want to join a club, but they will say that it’s for losers. You want to eat a burger, and they will say you can’t. You wish to visit the library, and they will force you not to.  

Do you get the picture?  

When your friends would always try to control you, that’s not a good sign. You are still your own individual and you have your own likes and dislikes.  

They Use Blackmail  

If you try to stand up for what you believe in, or if you contradict them, they will make you remember even the slightest favor they did for you. Come to think about it, you didn’t ask for those. They did it so they could blackmail you in the future.  

They Are Credit Grabbers  

Another sign that you have to stay away from your college peers is if they keep on grabbing credits for the things you’ve done. It’s fun to share your achievements, but if they will ‘steal’ it from you, that’s a different story.  

You Can’t Be Honest With Them  

When finding genuine friends in college, there should be a high level of trust. You shouldn’t be afraid to show them who you really are. And yes, you are comfortable sharing your insights and your deepest thoughts. If you always feel that they will ridicule you for being your true self, then we say find another clique.  

Extremely Freeloaders  

It’s also annoying to be with someone who’s a freeloader. Of course, the case is different when they are broke, and you are just there to help. But if you notice that they don’t do anything about their life and they just consume all your groceries, then better take a hint.  

They Ask You To Skip Classes  

Why would someone ask you to skip your class? Everyone knows it’s not going to do any good for your grades. Do not succumb to peer pressure. Learn how to say no even if that means you will have to cut ties with them. Remember, there are better people out there and you don’t need someone who will pull you down.  

They Gossip Too Much  

We have to admit, gossip can be fun. But you should know your limitations. If your peers never stop talking about other people, then that’s your sign to distance yourself from them. You will never benefit from gossiping. Better look for people who talk about more substantial things like current events or possible business ideas.  

They Are Not Available When You Need Them  

Truth be told, you cannot expect people to attend to your needs 24/7. After all, they have their own lives. But for example, your ‘friends’ tell you that they can’t be with you, considering that you are at your lowest, then that’s not a good sign. Once is ok. But if you feel that they are doing it on purpose, just let it go.  

It’s easy to determine if you are in the right circle. You don’t feel bad. And you are always inspired to do good things. Follow your gut and use your better judgment. It’s better to have few friends than to have many negative people surrounding you. As a college student, be logical in choosing your friends. It’s not just about beers, pizza, and flings. It’s really about building a strong foundation.   

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