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Should You Make a Video Resume?

Should You Make a Video Resume?

Video resumes are increasingly becoming a popular addition to what employers require from applicants. Others, like job hunters in the creative industry use video resumes, highlighting their talents and skills more effectively. 

The competition for securing online jobs has grown tremendously as businesses started shifting to remote work post-pandemic. As the competition increases, video resumes have become an increasingly valuable asset. It can help employers skim through their applicants faster and see more of their creative side.

As an aspiring applicant, will a video resume be favorable on your end?

Advantages Of Submitting A Video Resume

A resume gives potential employers insights into an applicant’s skills and talents that could be beneficial for their business. Not paying attention to creating a resume decreases the chances of getting noticed. As the competition for securing jobs increases, will a video resume help you be a step ahead?

Video Resumes Set You Apart From Others

Remember, some applicants do not make an effort to create and submit a video resume to employers. Those who do offer a unique proposition that is unavailable from other applicants. 

A recruiter that sees a video attached to a resume will most likely pique their interest. It is a marketing strategy technique that job hunters use to get more noticed than others. In recruitment, getting noticed is also the first step, just like in selling a product. A video resume will help you achieve this objective.

A More Vivid View Of What You Can Offer As An Employee

Videos are more vivid than long texts and numbers. Additionally, job opportunities in the creative industry often require work samples, such as photos, graphics, and videos. A video resume can easily help you showcase what you can offer better. 

Video resumes give you an opportunity to feature you, as a professional and potential employee to a business. Your characters and skills will be clearly visible as soon as they hit the play button. When applying for jobs that require interpersonal skills, an employer will be more effective in gauging your personality and how it will suit what their business needs.

It Is An Effective Initial Interview Platform For Employers

Recruiters that require multiple job openings to be fulfilled do not necessarily have the time to handle multiple industries. Some interviews can take longer than expected and can be impractical when dealing with several interviews in a day. A video resume gives recruiters a more concise and time-controlled opportunity to learn more about their applicants. 

A predetermined set of questions, to be answered through a video interview can be an efficient way for recruiters to gather data from their potential candidates. Applicants can also come up with the best responses in a more controlled environment. They can offer answers more confidently and unruffled. Connectivity and latency issues can be also avoided with a video resume compared to an actual in-person interview.

Video Resumes Lower The Chances Of Faking

Some recruitment processes include several stages. It may take several exams and preliminary interviews before an applicant reaches the final interview stage. However, somewhere along the process, an applicant can alter their credentials or cheat during the exam. This can be avoided with a video resume.

As a recruiter, you will save a lot of time if you can streamline your best-qualified applicants fast. A video resume can help determine whether an applicant is just pretending to be skilled in Photoshop or is just faking his portfolio. A video presents the speaking abilities of an applicant. It shows how confident they truly are in handling questions or showing skills specific to a job requirement. 

So Is A Video Resume Really Helpful?

The answer is yes.

Video resumes offer easier communication and skill assessment for recruiters. Additionally, it can help an applicant highlight their enthusiasm, on top of their skills and talents. A video resume also gives a recruiter an idea of how comfortable a candidate is when it comes to technology. The use of advanced technology can be proof that a candidate is up-to-date with technology.

Humor, confidence, and personality can be effectively highlighted with video resumes compared to conventional curriculum vitae. Video resumes give recruiting a peek at the applicant’s state of mind and how confident they are in what they can offer as a professional for your company.

Recruiters can save more time and increase their chances of hiring the best suitable employee from their pool of applicants through a video resume backed with actual skills and talent.

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