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Should You Join a Fraternity or Sorority, College Guide

If you are invited to join a fraternity and sorority, you should think first before joining. It’s not just to look cool or to have some people to back you up. There are a lot of advantages of joining one. And yes, there could be disadvantages too. In this post, we will help you decide by providing you both the pros and cons.  

You Can Start Your Network  

What you can take advantage of from Greek life is your network. You will have that strong bond with your brothers and sisters. In fact, they could help you not just when you are in university, but also when you are already looking for a job.  

You Learn How To Pay It Forward  

Another great thing about joining fraternities and sororities is that they often have charitable events. It’s a regular part of their mission. Joining these events will allow you to extend a helping hand. It gives you a different sense of accomplishment, and you feel that you have a purpose.  

You Learn How To Lead  

When you join a Greek organization, there’s a big chance that you will lead an event or an activity. This will hone your leadership skills which you cannot practice if you just sit in your class. And you are somehow obliged to work with people, making you a good team player as well. These skills are exactly what you need if you want to survive in the real world.  

You Can Have A Lot Of Fun  

We will not discredit the fact that joining Greek organizations can be a lot of fun. You will always have social gatherings, and you will be surrounded by your friends. But of course, having fun is subjective. What could be amazing for others might not sit well with you. And you have to be on the lookout for what they do so you also know what to expect.  

It Can Boost Your Resume  

This is not a guarantee but sometimes, joining a Greek organization could be an asset on your CV. Some employers would be impressed that you are part of one. Plus, it’s also an indication of your commitment 

You Get To Experience Balance  

College life shouldn’t be confined to just studying. You need to have the right balance to enjoy college. And you can certainly get that if you join a fraternity or a sorority. Again, they have regular events that you can join. Plus, just the thought of having friends could make your life in college more meaningful.  

But what are the cons, you may ask? Here are some of the few ones.  

The Membership Can Be Costly  

More often than not, joining a fraternity and a sorority is quite expensive, and an average college student might not be able to sustain it. You need to cover the chapter dues, national dues, and even the insurance. Apart from these, you might need to pay for merchandise. You might want to check and do your research about the overall cost before joining one.  

There Could Be Hazing  

Technically, hazing was already banned, and you have probably heard a lot of horror stories about students dying from it. Unfortunately, it still exists. And while not all are brutal, you must think if it is worth the pain and the embarrassment.  

Alcohol and Drugs  

This is not to say that all Greek organizations would encourage their members to drink or to use substances. But again, it happens. You need to do your background checks and be observant about the behavior of their current members. From there, see if you wish to be a part of the group.  

You Lose A Lot Of Your Personal Time  

When you join a fraternity or a sorority, most of your free time will be dedicated to the organization. But if you think you can manage it, then go ahead and join one.  

In a nutshell, join a Greek organization only if you are ready and if you have done your due diligence. You shouldn’t join one because you are pressured and if you want to look cool. It’s a commitment, and there are responsibilities of belonging to the group. Make sure you are ready for it.  

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