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Should You Get Your Covid-19 Vaccine?

Here’s what you need to know about Covid-19 vaccine, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. If you can already have the opportunity to get vaccinated, then go ahead. If you are still not convinced, then this post will enlighten you.  

Why You Need To Get Vaccinated?  

  • The best way to protect you and your family from the virus is to get vaccinated. As you now know, the virus can be fatal. Think about not just yourself, but other people who matter to you.  
  • Remember that clinical trials were conducted even before they release the vaccines to the public. It must show that it is safe and effective. The risks are outweighed by its benefits, and you shouldn’t be scared. 
  • This could end the pandemic.  

Here are a few questions that are lifted from the CDC. Hopefully, this will help you make better decisions.  

Immunity After Covid-19 Vs. Protection From Covid-19 Vaccines  

Many people are asking which one will last longer. The exact answer is yet to be determined. However, according to evidence, those who are infected with the virus could have immunity of 90 days. As for the vaccine, it is relatively new and more data is needed.  

How Many People Should Be Vaccinated To Achieve Herd Immunity?  

When we say Herd Immunity, it means that the disease will have a hard time spreading from one person to another as there is enough percentage who got vaccinated or were immune after getting infected.  

Again, this is yet to be answered and the necessary organizations are working their way to find more information.  

Ingredients Of Covid-19 Vaccine  

If you must know, Covid-19 vaccines do not contain latex, eggs, or preservatives. You may check the CDC’s website to check the full ingredients of the vaccine.  

How Much Is It To Get Vaccinated?  

In the US, the vaccines are paid for using US taxpayer dollars and will be given to Americans at no cost. However, the vaccination providers might ask for an administration fee. This is covered by most insurance policies and you have to check your coverage as early as now.  

When Do You Know When It’s Time To Get Vaccinated?  

Right now, there is limited supply and each state has its own plan. Rest assured that as the supply increases, more people will be able to get it too. 

Do You Need To Get Vaccinated Even After You Got Infected?  

The simple answer is yes. Bear in mind that Covid-19 is still dangerous and you do not have full immunity. You might need to speak with your doctor as to how long you should wait before you get vaccinated.   

Protect Yourself From The Virus  

Until such time that most people could already get vaccinated, you must do your part to protect yourself. Make sure that you wear your mask and that you stay away from crowded places. Likewise, wash your hands as often as possible.  

Perhaps, you are already aware that Covid-19 isn’t just affecting our physical state. Even those who are not infected could have mental and emotional challenges. So what do you need to do to cope up? Here are a few ideas you can do.  

Stay Away From Social Media  

Social media can be a breeding ground for fake news. And you have to stay away from it. Make sure that you limit your time on social media. If you need news about Covid-19, make sure that you refer to websites such as WHO and CDC.  

Call Up Your Friends  

The good thing about today’s age is that you can easily call up your friends. Video calls are easy too. So in that case, make sure that you maximize technology. Set time with your loved ones and have a call with them. Some are even doing games online. You can do this too and have fun even while you are miles away from each other. 

Have A Routine  

The reason why many people are having mental breakdowns is that they don’t do a lot of things that could occupy their time. Hence, it is important that you create a schedule and fill your days with fun activities.  

Go For A Quick Run  

Speaking of activities, it’s also ideal that you keep that blood pumping. We recommend that you start having an active lifestyle. That way, you can stay healthy, and at the same time, release happy hormones.  


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