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Should College Students Voice Out Their Opinion on Politics

There has always been a struggle on whether students should engage proactively in voicing their political views or not. Whether at school, social gatherings, and public places, the opinions on whether students should be allowed to speak their mind is always present.

Politics is a very complicated place and the ideas that govern around the concept and the people revolving around its activities can be too intricate for a college student.

Views about this issue are quite varying. However, in a safe environment, it would be ideal to allow young adults to express themselves freely, in terms of political views and opinions. Here are some of the top reasons why college students should be allowed in engaging in a healthy political discussion:

It Gives Them An Idea Of What Is Going On

No one will know whether the political opinion of a young college student is indeed arguable unless it is heard. Giving them a non-biased platform to voice their opinions – in a classroom, gives them access to actual people who are more equipped in helping them analyze the current situation of a nation or the government. If they have a better idea of what is actually going on, they can form their own opinions in a more comprehensible and fact-based approach.

Politics Is A Part Of Their Future Life

As soon as a college student leaves school, politics will eventually be a significant part of their daily life. How are they supposed to go through the process of selecting the right candidate to vote for if they lack knowledge? Exposing them to different political views and actual political events and circumstances around the world encourages them to think. The more they are exposed to the reality of politics, the more they will be able to distinguish the truth from what isn’t. Keeping them sheltered with politics makes them an easy target for fake political news and wrong ideas.

It Helps Promote Sensible Discussions

Encouraging college students to engage in political discussions in a controlled environment like at school or inside their classroom promotes peaceful discussion. School is the perfect platform to host meaningful political discussions without the fear of violence from the opposition. The more these young adults are exposed to peaceful political discussions, the better they’ll express themselves politically elsewhere in society. 

Encourages Listening To Others

There are different views and opinions among us, especially among young adults. Peaceful discussions in a controlled environment allow more people to talk, more so listen. 

Listening to what others have to say in terms of political views and opinions gives them to learn something new. It also promotes healthy conversations amongst different views, improving critical thinking and debate among the younger generation. As they always say, a good communicator is not just someone who’s articulate. One must learn how to listen. 

The Cons of Open Political Discussion Among College Students

However, even with numerous advantages, there are several cons in situations where college students are encouraged to engage in political debates and discussions.

Harboring Ill Feelings Due To Different Political Views

As young adults, the tendency of one student attempting to convince another one to support their specific political views is high. In situations where unhealthy political discussions are engaged, the possibility of harboring ill feelings towards a fellow student who has different political views is likely. Young adults should not be dragged into political polarization, especially inside a school setting. Contentious issues can be avoided with a level-headed adult facilitating a healthy political discussion.

It May Create Division

Some political opinions are so strong that it creates divisions among students with different political views. Schools should be a place where collective learning is encouraged. In such situations, different political preferences may create a divided community inside campuses.

Political views are meant to be expressed and heard, even for young adults.  However, they should be expressed in a controlled and safe environment to be able to avoid threats of argument, division, and misunderstanding among themselves.

Schools and adults alike should adapt to an impartial and unbiased approach in dealing with political discussions among college students. The main objective should always focus on learning. Meaningful and respectful conversations about political opinions and views should always take place among peers.

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