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Send Snail Mail To Your Loved Ones, College Tips

With email and instant messaging on the rise, you sometimes would feel that snail mail is already obsolete. You might even wonder if there’s still a point in sending one. Well, this post might change your perspective. We are going to share with you a few reasons why snail mail must not die. And yes, we bet you would be sending some to your loved ones back at home.  

It’s More Special  

Sending an email takes just a few minutes to do. You can even do it while you are on the bus, or waiting for your coffee to be served. Having said that, if I am the recipient of your email, it feels that it’s less special because you didn’t exactly go out of your way to send it.  

The case is different when you send a snail mail – a handwritten one that is. Just imagine the effort of doing so. You have to write the letter manually, probably go to the post office and all that stuff. It takes valuable time to do so. And since we all know that our schedules could be hectic, this simple gesture could mean a lot.  

It’s More Personal  

When you type your letter on your computer, it’s a bit less personal. But when you write it by hand, it can show your real emotion. When you are mad, you tend to write with force. When you are happy or feeling light, it shows in your letters.  

So, when you send a handwritten letter through snail mail, the reader can also feel that a part of you is with them. They could even touch the ink and have this kind of thought that you are genuinely connected.  

It’s Tangible And They Could Keep It  

Snail mail is perfect for those people who are sentimental and would like to keep things. While you can always store digital letters, it’s easier for us to forget them. But with letters growing old with you and safe in a lovely box, you are creating your own time machine. It lets you go back to that same amazing feeling when you received that letter.  

You Practice Your Creativity  

What we also love about sending snail mails and handwritten letters is that you can be creative. You can doodle around it, place some stickers, add ribbons, sprinkle with glitters, or spray it with your perfume. While you can still be creative when sending emails and digital letters, there’s something about primitive creative stuff that is fulfilling.  

You Can Practice Your Lettering  

Let’s admit it, we often use our computers and it’s quite limited that we will write by hand. But the skill is important as well. And if you are good at lettering, you can even make this your side hustle. You see, many people are now fascinated to send handwritten invitations. If you can do it properly, you can have extra funds for college.  

You Can Send It Practically Anywhere  

Some people might say, you can do that thru email as well. But you see, not all places have an internet connection. Think about the far mountains or jungle. Now, what if you have friends who have volunteered there? Wouldn’t it be nice if you send them something special?  

It’s Not Expensive  

Ok, we know that you would think that email will cost you practically nothing. But with all the positive emotions a snail mail could give, the small amount could be justified. Just a few dollars and you would know that you will bring someone a genuine smile.  

You Will Stand Out  

Now, let’s talk about sending snail mail to companies. If you do this, you are surely to stand out. Most people would rather send an email because it’s convenient. But if you take a different road, employers or clients will appreciate it.  

Just make sure that you use sustainable materials when writing your letters. After all, many are conscious of our environment.  

Wondering what you need to write about?  

Well, this shouldn’t be a major issue. You just have to pour your heart out. Try to tell stories about your college life. And of course, sometimes there might be down days that you would like to share. We encourage you to write it down as well. It is good for the soul and you will eventually feel better.  

So, just go to the nearest craft store buy your pen and stationery, and send your letter.  

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