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Retain What You’ve Read, College Guide

Retain What You’ve Read, College Guide

There are students who we can be considered as bookworms. They are those who love reading and have made it a part of their lives. Some find reading a tedious activity and are having a hard time understanding what they have read. But you need to develop your reading comprehension as this would become your ally if you want to pass through college. 

Here are some tips on how you can retain what you have read.

Have A Preview Of What You Are Going To Read

It will be hard to understand what you are reading if you immediately look at the small details. It is better if you identify the general idea first then work your way into the details. It would help you better recognize the necessary information, making it easier for you to retain particular information. 

You can start by reviewing all chapter headings and then look over pictures or charts if there are any. Visual aids are effective in retaining information. Then you can glance at the bold and italicized words and make sure that you understand them.

Focus At One Topic At A Time

Others try to understand everything at one go. But it would be better if you try to focus on one topic at a time. Different topics require different levels of focus. That is why rather than trying to jump around from one topic to another, stick to one subject and stay there until you have fully understood what you have just read.

Pause When It Is Needed

Information overload does happen. Remember, you are not a robot. Your brain needs time to comprehend what you have just read. Trying to stuff in too much information in one sitting will just lead you not to retain any information at all.

If you feel that you are not absorbing the information anymore, take a break and reflect on what you have just read. Just don’t take too long as you might find yourself too lazy to go back to reading. 

Change Positions

Reading can be boring, especially when all you see are words. Imagine if you are doing it in a single position for the last one hour. It would add up to the monotony. Try switching positions every now to prevent your body from going to “lazy mode”.

Make Things Interesting

A lot of students do not want to read because it gets boring, especially if the topic is uninteresting. To counter this feeling, why not make it interesting. You can start by thinking of ways on how you can use it to improve your career. Use the information to your advantage to make your life better. It will make it more personal and make it more interesting to read.

Read Aloud

It is easier to retain information when you read aloud. According to a study, reading aloud has multiple benefits. It improves your comprehension, helps sharpen your focus, and intrigues your mind. In addition, hearing the words makes you more active, enabling you to visualize what you are reading.

Write It Down 

When you write something down, it triggers a particular part in your brain that helps you remember what you saw. Do not copy it from the book but write it using your memory. It is an effective method to train your brain to dig deeper and remember what you have read, which helps improve your comprehension skills. 

Try And Teach It To Someone Else

According to a study, a person retains 90% of what they have read if they teach it to someone else or immediately practice it. Not only would this help improve your retention, but it can also serve as a gauge on how well you understand the topic.

Reading is a productive way of spending your time. But there is a difference between reading and understanding. Try to improve your comprehension skill as this can help you grow in your future career. 

Not only would it look good in your portfolio, but it would allow you to retain information and gain additional knowledge which you can apply to your everyday needs.

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