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Responsibilities Of An RA

If you are in college, you’ve likely met or encountered a Resident Advisor.  But have you ever thought about who they are and what their role is? 

You might see them as someone who is always on your case or somebody who does not know how to have fun. But like everything else, there is more than what meets the eye. Let’s take a deeper look at the responsibilities of a Resident Advisor.

What is a Resident Advisor?

A function of a Resident Advisor is to work closely with other resident staff members and with the hall residents to ensure that they maintain a healthy and safe environment within the residence hall. 

They need to make sure that the condition is conducive to a student’s social, intellectual, moral, and physical development. They are responsible for relating the needs of the students to the administration.

What Are Their Responsibilities?

The Student’s Contact Person To The Administration

As the students’ representative to the administration, it is their responsibility to be readily available for the students when they need them. They are the bridge between the students and the admin, so it is essential that they maintain a constant connection between the two. They should be able to keep students informed about what is happening in and around the campus through flyers, meetings, posters, or through the use of bulletin boards.

Keep Their Skill Set Up To Date

Resident advisors attend all scheduled meetings, seminars, training programs, and workshops related to skill and program development off and on campus. It would help them stay updated with the current techniques and programs that will help in developing the students.

Know All The Important Departments

Since they would be guiding the students during their times of need, they should be able to direct the students to the appropriate department for assistance. They also work with different Faculty Advisors and College staff to help students with personal concerns, academic deficiencies, or academic difficulties.

Act As The Health And Safety Officer

As the Resident Advisor, they assist students during crises and report any severe illness or emergencies. They guide the students during an evacuation procedure and know how to use different fire fighting and other emergency equipment.

Student Defender

An RA or Resident Advisor defends the rights of students as long as it does not conflict with the university’s policy and laws. 

Help Students Develop Their Talents

The Resident Advisor is responsible for recognizing an individual’s interests and talents and guiding them to develop them. They encourage students to participate in various activities that would hone their skills which not only improve their abilities but also help build self-confidence and social skills.

Facilitates Hall Activities

A Resident Advisor is responsible for carrying out hall activities that would help promote camaraderie within the student community. They also create a community service program that would expose students to helping out other people.

Serve As A Role Model For the Students

It is also the responsibility of Resident Advisors to be the role model of students. That is why they are cautious with their actions and words, as it might give students the wrong impression.

Responsible For Knowing  All The College Policy

The Resident Advisor is the person responsible for knowing, explaining, and enforcing college policies. They are responsible for maintaining safe and neat living conditions for the students and encourage them to respect their rooms and maintain a healthy school environment.

Mitigate Any Conflicts

If the situation arises, the Resident Advisor is responsible for confronting a student or group of students who become abusive to the facilities within the campus. They are expected to handle the situation following college policy.

A Resident Advisor plays a vital role in a student’s life during their college days. College students may be independent, but they need to be reminded of how they should act within the campus every once in a while. They also need someone they could rely on, and Resident Advisor is one of those people. 

Some advisors may be strict, but they only want the best for you. They are not there to control your life but rather to guide you towards becoming a better person.

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