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Remote Jobs During Pandemic, Part-Time Opportunities For College Students  

Many college students are now taking online courses as the pandemic is still on the rise. And reality check, most are also struggling with their finances. If you are one of them, stopping your studies isn’t the sole answer. You can always get a part-time job to support yourself financially. We highly recommend that you choose online or remote jobs so you can still manage your time. Here are a few ideas for you.   

Proofread Other Students’ Papers   

Just so you know, other students would need proofreaders. While there is Grammarly available, the thought and flow might not be good enough. And if you have a talent for writing and an eye for details, this could be the perfect job for you. You can ask a rate per project and you are all set.   

Online Writer   

If proofreading isn’t your thing, yet you have an innate writing talent, then why not try being an online writer? Many companies all over the world are looking for online writers for their blogs and other marketing materials. There are so many opportunities for this industry. And just so you know, employers are always looking for employees with impeccable writing skills.    

Work Part-Time For Your Professor   

Perhaps, your professors might need help in terms of research. You can consider this as well. At least you would be able to learn more. And when the time comes that you need to apply for a job, you can use your professor as a reference.  

Campus IT Support   

If you are tech-savvy, we recommend that you become a campus IT support. This would allow you to help students and even the faculty when they are using the campus’ platform.  

Virtual Assistant   

There’s also a surge of demand for Virtual Assistants, and most offer part time positions. This is a good avenue to hone your administrative skills. You get to be organized and you learn the business trade. These are all important if you wish to have leverage when you apply for a full-time job once you get your degree.    

Graphic Designer   

Now, if you have talent in creating graphic designs, there’s also a lot of opportunities for you. You can work as a freelance and sell your services on Fiverr. As early as now, you should build your portfolio. If you have previous works, start making digital versions and make a website for all of them.   

Become A Personal Tutor   

If you excel in academics, then you can offer services as a tutor. This doesn’t have to be college level. You can also teach younger students. The beauty of technology is that you can do this remotely. A lot of web conferencing and video messaging apps are good enough for such purposes, and you can take advantage of that.   

Be A Brand Ambassador   

Let’s just say that you have a decent number of social media following, you can start being your own brand ambassador. There are many brands offering this type of program for college students, and this could help you beef up your portfolio.   


If you must know, transcribing is also a big thing. Several companies are looking for transcribers for various media. It could be podcasts, videos, or reports. Again, there is so much room for you here. And if you want a source of income, this isn’t bad.   

Managing Work and School   

Even if you do both remotely, it is still challenging. Make sure to create a schedule and stick with it. That way, you can still get impressive grades, and be able to show excellent work. Yes, there might be sleepless nights, but at least you won’t have to worry about how you are going to pay your bills. Go ahead, beef up your CV, and start applying.   

Get Help With Your Course Work Online   

And if you think you still have limited time for studies and work, you can also find services online where they can help you with homework. Yes, these service providers exist, but you to be careful. Choose a reliable team that assures you a grade of A or B. Otherwise, your school performance will suffer. It’s time that you learn how to outsource as early as now.    

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