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Reasons for Dropping Out in College

Life as a college student can be very challenging. It is a time in your life wherein you balance your time being a student, going for their dreams while being a responsible and productive adult. It can be overwhelming and may cause complications that can cause a student to drop out or fail.

The number of students that dropout in college is quite higher compared to students in highschool. The lack of money, personal issues, relationship issues, and poor grades are just some of the most common reasons why students choose to drop out. It is not always the end for many. There are still plenty of chances to get back and get a degree even after dropping out. But, for those who drop out completely, below are some of the most common reasons.

Expensive College Tuition

Most students are not blessed to have scholarships or parents that can give them a free ticket to college. Most students are required to juggle work and school to be able to get through college. For some, getting a student loan is their only option to afford a degree in a university.

Some studies suggest that 50% of students nowadays cannot afford to go to college, compared to students back in the ’80s. If one cannot afford to pay for their school fees and their everyday expenses to get to school, dropping out becomes their inevitable choice.

To avoid this, saving up early, or finding grants and scholarships that can help you fund your college dream is your first option. Enrolling in community colleges or getting a two-year degree, in the meantime, is a cheaper alternative you can consider. You can continue with a degree you are really passionate about once you have better resources to tap on for college fees and expenses. In addition, you can work online and earn extra cash. Plus, there are online courses that allow you to have a more flexible time if you need to attend to your job. 

Poor Academic Grades

Being academically unprepared can cause students to drop out. College is no joke. The time, skill, and effort these degrees demand can be very overwhelming. Even if a student manages to comply with college acceptance, passing their subjects can be a struggle if they are not fully-equipped with the task.

Students who juggle work and study are also susceptible to poor grades. Stress and the demands of adult life can also make it hard for college students to adapt and excel in their academics.

Creating a balance between work, life and studies can be challenging, but is possible. Good time management and discipline are the best practices that you should have to be able to get high grades, while working and living your life. A good family foundation, support system, motivation, drive to succeed and faith can help you surpass the challenges college life throws at you.

Personal Issues that Results in Emotional Health Problems 

The feeling of being homesick, losing a loved one, having a bad breakup or mental stress and anxiety can make people quit. If you are used to having a support system and you suddenly lose it while in college can be quite a burden and affect your studies. Family emergencies, divorce in parents, and death can make it hard for a student to continue on with their dream degrees.

Personal issues also bring in stress. College life is already stressful. Dealing with personal problems while dealing with school work, deadlines, and failing grades can all add up and cause students to drop out. If you are not mentally fit to face such challenges, it would be indeed very difficult to continue on with your studies.

To avoid burnouts and personal issues that may affect your studies, keeping an open communication with your loved ones is ideal. Talk to your parents and siblings as much as possible. Get friends that can be your confidante and support group in times of anxiety, despair, and stress. Life is challenging itself, college life is just a portion of it. With a good attitude and a little hope, one can survive their personal challenges and achieve their dream degrees.

Dropping Out is Not the End

Dropping out of college is not the finish line. You can always go back later when your circumstances are more favorable. Graduating college is not essential for success, but it can be a very strong foundation to get your dream job and your dream life. Keep in mind the challenges that you face as a student is just a temporary situation in your life. There is always hope and opportunity to complete your degree, even after dropping out.

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