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Quick Tips on How to Destress Before an Examination

Taking an exam is nerve-racking for most people, and it does take a toll on one’s health if not managed properly. If you are too stressed, you would either forget some of the things you already studied. Or worse, you might experience mental blackout. Imagine all those sleepless nights and numerous Starbucks cups you’ve spent – all wasted just because you stressed out and panicked.

So what should you do to destress before taking an exam? Here are a few simple tips to follow. Most of these are from the experts and are already proven to be effective. 

Have a Definite Schedule for Studying 

Let’s admit it; a lot of us tend to cram. At some point, we would just study the night before the test. However, this does not give the best results. More often than not, we end up mixing concepts. 

It is an excellent practice to pace yourself and prepare in advance. You can set 30 minutes every day to read your notes. Try to study the difficult topics first then gradually to easier ones. This would allow you to process the information more effectively.

Give Your Mind a Quick Rest 

When studying, the last thing you would want is to burn your brain out. It does have its limitations, so it’s a good idea to pause once in a while.

Give yourself time to do stretching, walking, jogging, or even jumping jacks. Just try to forget your lessons first. If it is possible to stroll around the block, then do so. These would give your brain a much-needed break, and you will be more energized and eager to get back to your books. 

Start Having a Healthier Lifestyle 

Your body and mind would perform better if you are well-rested and healthy. It’s about time that you start choosing healthier options. Alter your diet, stay away from alcohol, and have a regular workout routine. These things could affect how you handle stress. And at the same time, it keeps your brain at its optimal health. Thus, making it function better during exams. 

Find a Good Study Partner or Study Group 

Studies show that reviewing your lessons with other people is an effective technique. This allows a person to understand concepts which seems to be confusing to them. But before you have a study partner or join a group, make sure that they are committed. Otherwise, they might not help or could even pull down your grades. 

Prepare Your Examination Materials the Night Before 

It could be such a horror not to have a spare pen if you need it during the examination day. Or imagine the harrowing thought of forgetting your calculator on a calculus exam. Avoid these from happening by preparing your things the night before. Please do not do it on the same day. Instead, just double check if your supplies are complete. 

Be Early on Your Exam Day 

We suggest that you go to your examination room as early as you can. It makes you feel more relaxed, and you can already condition yourself for the big day. This means you have to cancel any late-night plans in the meantime. We recommend adjusting your sleeping habits as necessary. You can even quickly scan your notes before your proctor or facilitator comes in. 

Know that You Did Your Best 

You must believe in yourself. Remember, you’ve already done your best to prepare. You did everything humanely possible to pass the exam. Trust that you will be able to answer the questions. Doubting will do you no good and can even cause a mental block. Learn a few breathing exercises if you still feel anxious. This also leads us to the next point. 

Start Meditating  

This might sound pretty crazy, but meditating is useful if you want to destress yourself before the big exam. Most athletes practice positive visualization. 

For those who not familar, it’s a process where you imagine what you want to happen. You try to feel it, and you believe it. So visualize yourself passing the exam. Or since our thoughts are limitless, you can think you got an A.  

Truth be told, there are various ways to cope up with stress before your exam. You just need to find the right balance. While you have to take your exam seriously, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Also, some techniques could work for others but might not have the same effect on you. It’s always good to explore and see which ones could help you relax your nerves.

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