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Pregnant, Broke And Studying In College, What To Do 

Gone are the days that you have to stop your studies when you got pregnant. And thank heavens for that. However, we have to say that it is still a challenging feat. Apart from the morning sickness, there will be other things that will make your life a bit harder. And that is why we created this post.  

We hope that this can help you get through that phase. 

Know Your Rights As A Pregnant Student  

Just so you know, no one can discriminate a pregnant or breastfeeding woman for their rights to education. And you should take advantage of that.  

In fact, they must help you or have some form of arrangement so you can continue your education. This includes rescheduling the tests or even allotting an appropriate seat for your condition.  

Look For Scholarships And Grants  

Did you know that there are available scholarships and grants for pregnant women? You might want to apply as it can help you big time. Here are a few options you might want to consider.  

  • The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation
  • Hewlett Packard (HP) Scholarship and Mentorship for Women, in Partnership with the University of the People 
  • Federal Student Aid’s Scholarship
  • Capture the Dream’s Scholarship 
  • Emerge’s Scholarship 

Of course, the options above have their own requirements and eligibilities. The point is, there are many organizations and institutions that are willing to help you.  

Try Online Classes  

If you will notice, many colleges and institutions are offering online classes. And as a pregnant college student, that could be a great option. You can practically study anywhere – even at your own home. That means, you don’t have to pay for separate accommodation for dormitories. And also, think about the transportation cost you can save.  

Adoption Is An Option  

Many young women are open to having their baby adopted for financial reasons. If you believe that your baby would have a better life by doing such, then there are organizations that could help you connect with willing people.  

Look For Financial Help  

Again, there are many groups that are willing to help young mothers or pregnant college students. You can ask for support from them. In fact, some would cover your medical bills and even your food, and the baby’s of course.  

You see, the world can be harsh, but there are still good people.  

Tell Your Loved Ones  

If you are a young college student, we understand if you are still not comfortable opening up to your parents or friends. But that’s one big step that you must muster. Of course, expect that your parents could be a bit disappointed. However, in most cases, they are willing to assist you with any type of support they could offer.  

Plus, surrounding yourself with people who love you and your baby is always a good thing.  

Stay Healthy 

You have to remember, your health is everything. Check with your doctor the best exercises you can do while pregnant. And stay away from stress as much as you can.  

Your emotional and mental health is as important too. We know that college, as it is, is already hard. And while society is more welcoming to pregnant college students, there will always be some who will look down on you.  

Don’t think about them.  

What matters most is that you are focused on staying healthy and your studies.  

Invest In The Right Stuff  

We understand that you are broke. However, we also want to consider your overall health since you plan to continue your studies.  

If possible, ask your school if they have bigger desks to accommodate your growing belly. This shouldn’t cost you anything.  A support pillow could help as well.  

Also, get a nice water bottle where you can store your healthy smoothies. Or if a small thermos is available, have that so you can bring soup just in case you feel a bit hungry.  

In addition, find a small stool which you can bring to your class. It would be perfect for classes that take long hours. This could help in avoiding swelling.  

Just always remember this. Life will not end for you. In fact, it could be a great beginning.  

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