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Power Dress Like a CEO on a Shoestring Budget

As you enter the workforce, you might want to change some things in your life. It’s time to be more responsible and to make wiser choices. Now speaking of ‘change’, it’s also the high time to look at your closet and assess if your clothes are appropriate for work. If not, then you better get yourself some new wardrobe. 

While most people believe that buying corporate clothes is expensive, there are practical ways that can help you. Over the years, we’ve managed to find solutions on how you can power dress while still being on a budget. Let’s cut the chase and get right to it. 

Go for Classic Pieces 

We understand that it can be tempting to buy all the trendy outfits. This is especially true if you are a true-blue ‘fashionista’ back in college. However, when we talk about power dressing, it is always best to get classic pieces. In addition, you would want to buy solid-colored and plain outfit. These do not go out of style compared to printed ones. That means you can wear your garments longer. Thus, saving you money.   

As a rule of thumb, get good plain shirts, perfectly-fitted pants, pencil skirts for ladies, and blazers. 

According to most people, when you buy new clothes for work, get something that you can wear in three different styles. 

Visit Walmart, Target or Thrift Shops 

You will be surprised that you can find amazing pieces in stores like Walmart or Target. Some of them are of high quality, and you shouldn’t let that opportunity pass. Trust us, you won’t be judged if you got your clothes from outlet stores. As they always say, it’s how you carry it. Just wear your outfit with confidence, and you are all good. 

And if you want to really stretch your budget, thrift stores are always an excellent place to shop. Of course, you just have to be patient and picky as some of the clothes might have stains or are ripped. 

Just in case you want to get your clothes from well-known brands that sell expensive items, we recommend waiting for the black Friday sale or upcoming promos. And lastly, if you plan to shop online, make sure that it’s from a credible eCommerce website. Look for the style guide as well.  You wouldn’t want to wear office clothes that are too baggy nor too loose. 

Quality Shoes 

Quality shoes do not mean you have to buy designer ones. There are a lot of brands offering great office shoes for a fraction of the cost. Get at least two pairs that you can regularly use for work. At least you have a spare in case your usual pair breaks. Plus, it is a good idea to alternately use your shoes so you won’t beat them up. 

For ladies, it’s better to invest on covered toe shoes as it is more professional looking.

Iron Your Clothes 

To look highly professional, never go to work with unironed clothes. It will just create a bad impression and your colleagues might think you are disorganized. For someone who just started working in an office, this isn’t really what you what others to perceive of you. 

Rent for Big Events 

If your company is about to host a big event, you don’t have to splurge on a new gown or a tux. A lot of people just rent, and that’s a brilliant idea. Come to think of it, you won’t be using it in the near future. Perhaps, you might not use it ever again. So, renting is the best solution.  

Groom Yourself 

And lastly, no matter how amazing your clothes or shoes are, it wouldn’t matter if you come to work looking lousy. Make sure that you regularly groom yourself. Neatly comb your hair, and trim your fingernails. While it’s not necessary to shower yourself in perfume, always make it a point to smell fresh. 

For ladies wearing makeup, keep it to a minimum and low maintenance. Remember, work can be exhausting, and you might not have the luxury of time to retouch. 

By the way, here’s a bonus tip. If you are decided to change your entire wardrobe, you can always sell your old college clothes. That way, you can use the money for buying new ones. Remember, you just need to be resourceful to look like a CEO. There’s really no need to swipe your credit card for expensive purchases. 

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