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Pomodoro Technique, How This Approach can Boost Your Productivity?

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? For most people, this reminds them of that perfectly cooked Italian dish. However, what we have here is a simple time management strategy that has helped millions of people worldwide. It could be used by either the employees or students that have so much on their plates. And yet, they want to be as productive as possible. 

The basic principle is that you have to follow a 25 – 5 rule. This means you have to set your timer to 25 minutes where you need to fully focus on your task. If there are things that you suddenly remembered, write it down fast and go back to your main activity. This method was introduced by Francisco Cirillo. He called the technique Pomodoro because he used a tomato-shaped timer to track his activities as a student. 

When your 25 minutes is done, you can take a short break. Some say you should take a break for 5 minutes. In this period, you can check your phone, do some meditation, or drink your favorite beverage. The main point is, do something complety unrelated to your tasks. 

In case you have done four straight pomodoros, you may take longer breaks – a 20-minute break is usually recommended. You can have a quick walk or stretch a bit. 

Repeat the process until you have completed your assignment or your report. 

Word of Caution: Do not force or overwork yourself as it is not ideal for your brain. Remember, it needs to rest as well. By doing so, you can generate better information and ideas. 

How to Make the Pomodoro Technique Effective

Let’s now discuss how you can use the technique and reap its maximum benefits. 

Understand the Effort Required for the Task 

First, you have to look at your task on a grand scale. This means you have to estimate the time and effort required to finish everything. So for example, you estimated that you would finish your book report in 3 hours. More or less, you need six pomodoros to complete it. You can schedule it on hours that you are most productive. 

There are no specific hours of the day that you have to do it. We understand that some are comfortable working in the morning, while others consider themselves as nocturnal. Choose the best time that works for you.  

Stay Away From Distractions  

Then, you have to make sure that there are no distractions while working or studying. Turn off notifications, put your phone where you can’t easily reach it, or keep away all your snacks in the meantime. 

Review Your Work 

Quality should remain the top priority. So every time that you completed a project, review and assess it. Try to see if improvements can be made and identify how to work on it the most efficient way. 

This can also help you with similar projects in the future because you know exactly what to do.  

How Do You Eat an Elephant? 

There’s this quote by Creigthon Abrams which says, “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.” Of course, we do not take this literally. But instead, use this adage when given a huge task such as finishing a thesis or writing a report. Instead of being overwhelmed, you need to break down the tasks into smaller pieces. 

The same can be applied when using the Pomodoro technique. 

Reward Yourself  

And to keep yourself motivated, we encourage you to give yourself small rewards. For example, you were able to accomplish your homework, then go ahead and treat yourself for a slice of pizza or a cup of ice cream. Or perhaps, get a glass of wine. 

What we love about the Pomodoro technique is that you get to practice discipline. And at the same time, you focus more on the most critical tasks. At some point, it’s as if you are competing with time, And that’s why you have to work as much as you can. But this could also be dangerous if you are not careful. 

Again, do not be pressured with how much you can complete within 25 minutes. What matters most is the quality of your work. Never jeopardize it for quantity. Use this technique whenever applicable, and you would be surprised with the results.  


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