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Planning To Take Journalism, Do You Have What It Takes?   

For the longest time, people around you say that you could be a journalist. You felt it too, but unsure of it. Well, let us help you with that. Let’s have a list that will determine if you have what it takes to be a journalist. If you think you lack some of it, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you should crush your dream. It just means, there are areas that you have to work on.   

Let’s start, shall we?   

One Must Be Observant   

As a journalist, you must observe the things around you. You cannot just settle for what is given to you. And this means you have to be analytical. A good journalist is able to provide the readers or audience the big picture, even the littlest details in between. If you are not dedicated to your craft, you won’t go deeper into the topic.    

You Must Have High Ethical Standards   

You need to make sure that you speak the truth – only the truth, and you are not biased with your reports. That’s how you can gain trust among your readers and you need this high level of credibility if you want to stay in the industry for a long time.   

Naturally Curious About Anything   

You must also want to know a lot about anything. You have an open mind to investigate and be curious whether it is about the local scene or global news. You don’t want to scratch the surface, you always want to see things with depth.   

Impeccable Writing Skills   

It is also important that your writing skills are over the top. Even the slightest punctuation mistake could create a different meaning. And that is why you always have to check your work before submitting it to your editor. If possible, learn multiple languages so you can practice journalism in different locations.   

You Are Filled With Energy   

If you want to be a journalist, you must always have the energy. Their life is usually fast-paced and will need to literally go from one place to another. If you are not healthy enough, or strong enough, it will be harder to keep up.   

They Practice Empathy   

When you are writing a story or a report, you also need to be empathic most especially if the subject is sensitive. You shouldn’t force people to say or feel what you want just so your segment or report could get traction. Again, it’s all about the truth, and reporting it to your audience as it is.   

You Don’t Let Your Emotions Win You Over   

At times, people will get mad at you for writing a report not leaning in their favor. But you need to be firm. You need to be emotionally strong. Otherwise, you’d always end up crying and it could take a toll on your mental health. You must be ready for the lifestyle. It is a public service, and yes, you might have enemies along the way.   

Extensive Knowledge About A Subject   

It is crucial that you become a master of one subject when you already have years of experience in the industry. That way, you will be the resource person and you could already tie up things easily. For example, are you well-versed in local politics? Are you familiar with finances, stocks, and businesses? Eventually, you will need to find a niche.   

Technical Skills Could Come In Handy   

While being tech-savvy isn’t a priority when you are a journalist, it could be beneficial in today’s age. If you know how to build a blog space, you can directly share your piece and be able to reach more people. That way, you can let them know the truth, and in a way, that’s a public service as well.   

Practice Journalism While Still In The University   

Even while you are still studying, you can certainly practice being a journalist. You can join your university’s newspaper. Or, you can reach out to big publications and be their local correspondent. And with the right skills and with the help of technology, you can start your own website and write your articles. But make sure you practice a high level of ethics. It’s easy to be highly opinionated when you own the space, so be careful with that.   

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