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Places To Visit in Switzerland When You Are In An Exchange Program 

Ground-breaking research and a high standard of education are what most international students look forward to from Switzerland. Masteral and Doctoral degrees from this country are greatly appreciated worldwide. On top of studying in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, most students also look forward to pursuing a career here.

Tuition fees for non-European and EEA students are quite higher compared to Switzerland’s citizens. However, this should not deprive you from enjoying student life outside your campus walls. Enjoy and get to experience the culture and the beauty Switzerland has to offer. Here are some of the best places to visit, on a budget, for students in Switzerland.

Five Awesome and Affordable Destinations for International Students in Switzerland

Grossmunster Church

The Grossmunster Church is one of the best places to see Zurich, in all its majestic beauty. It features a 9th-century spire and a 187 flight that gives you access to Zurich’s 360-degree view. A ticket costs 2 Swiss Franc or around 4.36USD. A weekend after a busy week at school deserves a relaxing and rejuvenating view of Zurich. Take as many pictures as you can as you see the sights in the area. 

Zurich Tour

Zurich, Switzerland, has plenty of stunning places to offer, both for locals, tourists, and international students. A day on foot would not be enough to explore and enjoy the area. Experience Zurich, through its incredible transport, all for less than $10. Get a day pass or a multiple-day pass and travel around the city through a boat ride, tram ride, and a train ride, all with one single ticket. Tickets are limited to different zones, but you’ll get to see most of the scenic places in the area through the different transportation featured in the city. Secure a multiple-day pass instead of a single one because it is cheaper and perfect for more than a day stay in the area.

Go Hiking

Instead of going home for a short break from school, you should grab your hiking bags and go on a Swiss outdoor adventure instead. There are plenty of hiking trails, with hut-to-hut experiences to discover in the Alps. Although some hiking tours can be costly, you can still enjoy this experience on a budget by choosing a resort with train access. Alps adventures that require funiculars and cable car access are quite expensive. Check out the areas in Zermatt, Lauterbrunnen, and St Moritz for affordable and decent accommodations. A 12-day itinerary costs around 1,500 Swiss Francs per person, so go for shorter hiking trail tours instead.

City Tours

Dedicate every weekend or at least two Saturdays every month to a day of adventure in the city. There are plenty of local attractions to explore and experience in Switzerland. Walk tours are the best. To begin with, it’s free, and the crowd is quite friendly. Check out the UNESCO-listed Old Town or have souvenir pictures taken at the Murten. The 14th century Kapellbrucke Bridge in Lucerne is also a must destination. There are also plenty of complementary museums to enjoy in the city. Works of prominent artists such as Van Gogh and Giacomettie can be seen and enjoyed for free viewing at the Kunsthaus Zurich every Wednesday.

Uetliberg Mountain

One of the most perfect nature escapes you should not miss out as a student in Switzerland is the Uetliberg Mountain. It offers one of Zurich’s best views together with its surrounding mountains and the famous Zurich Lake. A train ride from Zurich to the mountain costs 10 Swiss Francs but is worth every penny. Trek the mountain from the different train stops in the area or have a grill party with friends on a weekend. During summer, there are plenty of open girls in the area where you can grill bratwurst while enjoying nice relaxing conversations in one of the city’s best observation points.

Studying in Switzerland is not all about your books and your examinations. There are plenty of experiences that add up to your life as a student and a young adult available in the country. Stroll down the luxurious shops and restaurants as you do some window shopping or enjoy street food in the outdoor cafes in the Old Town. Swimming at the lake is also free during summer. Swiss chocolates available in different stores are also a must-try for every tourist.

Even with Switzerland’s high-cost of living, there are plenty of affordable places, food, and experiences to enjoy. Do your research and plan your adventures in advance to make the most out of your Switzerland adventure.

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