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Old Movies Worth Watching, College Students List

Whether for entertainment, inspiration, motivation, or simply a way to pass time, movies are a must in anyone’s college life. It is a quick escape from reality and a way to destress from our busy lives.

College flicks have it all. Some are serious, others are downright silly. But, all of them would undoubtedly give you the feels, time to reflect and appreciate, as well as reminisce about life. No matter what, movies are perfect opportunities to bond with friends or to relax and enjoy on your own.

Top 4 Old Movies Perfect for College Students

There is no denying that old movies have this certain effect on viewers. Here are some of the top old movies you should take time to enjoy during your free times inside campus. 

Legally Blonde (2001)

Who could ever forget Elle Woods, the stylish, blonder and seemingly clueless girl who made it to Harvard Law School?

Although considered as an “It girl,” college life became challenging to her. Struggling to fit in at a prestigious school to win back her ex-boyfriend, Elle proved that you can be anyone you want to, if you put your mind into it, even through unconventional ways.

A time of self-discovery, you’ll definitely find Elle’s antics as relatable and truly entertaining at the same time.

Sydney White (2007)

Dare to be different and to promote change. This is what Sydney White is all about.

A young college student dreaming of reliving her mom’s college life by being a pledge on her late mother’s sorority, Sydney realized that things were not as what it used to be. Sisterhood was way more different that what her mother had during her college years compared to what it is today.

Now an outcast, she teamed up with other girls to turn around and make a change. Sydney manage to do so while earning true friends and the love of her life at the same time. College life is all about balance, even if you have struggles to go through and challenges to triumph, you can always find time for love and friendships, if you are willing to go the extra mile.

The Waterboy (1998)

Not all college students were meant to be superstars and varsity players. Some are meant to have normal lives, with extraordinary stories. This and more is what Bobby Boucher Jr discovered during his college life.

Clueless about his athletic capabilities, Bobby later on discovered that he had the knack for football tackling, making him a valuable member of the college team. Although the story line took some time to develop, the script is quite fun, comedic and definitely entertaining with Adam Sandler playing the lead role.

The sport sequences are greatly executed too, giving you a closer glimpse to the life of a college student embracing something new and exciting in his college life.

Revenge Of The Nerds (1984)

Bullying is never a good thing. But when the bully creates a better person out of the bullied, an epic story is bound to happen. This is what the move Revenge of the Nerds is all about.

This entertaining comedy movie is about the lives of Gilbert and Lewis who formed a group of genius outcasts to create their own fraternity. However, the jocks and the sister sorority in school teamed up to make sure that they would never be granted the fraternity status.

Watch as Gilbert and Lewis resort to desperate measures to be able to triumph against the popular kids in school. In the end, it is all about how unity and friendship can make things better and memorable, even with bullies in school.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy as you learn a thing or two about college life and how you can survive it, through these movies on the list. They may not be among the favorites or the classics, but they are quite a refreshing bunch to look into.

Movie nights for college students are a fun way to enjoy without breaking the bank. It’s your go-to activity, most especially if you are running out of budget. Hopefully, you get to enjoy the movies above the same way we did.

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