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Offer Your Writing Services While In College and Earn

With the advent of technology and automation, it seems that a lot of jobs will become obsolete decades from now. However, professionals believe that if there is one profession that would stay, it would be under the umbrella of writing. As writing would need human feelings and empathy, it would be hard to give the task to a robot or AI.   

If you think you are gifted with the talent to write, why not start the business while in university? You can certainly use the extra funds, whether for your school or to have some little luxuries in life. The important question now is, how are you going to do it? Here’s what this post can help you.   

Build Your Portfolio   

If you decided to start your own writing business, you must have a portfolio. After all, it’s safe to assume that you haven’t had real clients before. So, if you’ve written a great academic term paper, or if your social media has tremendous and interesting captions, then go ahead and organize it. As you create your portfolio, we recommend using free website builders so you can add your links there.   

Attend Online Workshops   

Even if you are a good writer, it doesn’t guarantee that you can get a client. Remember, there are millions of people who are just like you. While you have leverage because you naturally have creative juices, knowing technical skills is a good investment.   

Most companies now look for online writers. They want to update their blog pages and to work on their social media accounts. Unlike doing your research paper in the university, you have to know certain technical aspects. We have SEO writing, and of course, you need to understand how WordPress works – which is usually what most businesses use. It pays that you know a bit of basic HTML as well. That would be your ticket to getting better-paying clients.   

Know Your Niche   

Perhaps at first, you would want to get as many clients as you can. Hence, you would just accept any type of writing project. But it would be great to know what type of writing services you would offer and what your expertise is. That way, you can also provide your services to the right niche, and the likelihood of closing the deal is higher.   

Remember, there are a lot of clients out there. Don’t be afraid that you’d not have some.   

Market Your Services   

What’s good about today’s age is that social media allows small players to advertise their services. You can do so for free. But if you plan to do that, make sure that your marketing materials are on top of its game. Think of great content and post regularly. Ask your families and friends to like your page too.   

Another great idea is to offer your services on-campus. Perhaps, some of the organizations need help with their press releases and social media pages. You can start from there too.   

Draft Your Agreement   

It would be a great idea to plan your pricing and have a contract in place. That way, you protect both yourself and your client. Have it signed, and make sure to commit. It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘small’ or ‘big’ client. You should treat them with the same professionalism and deliver your best.   

Train New Writers   

As you get more clients, it would be overwhelming. And as much as you want to make your business a success, you shouldn’t compromise your studies. Having said that, if the time comes that you have a lot of projects coming over, you can look for other students who can write well too. Outsourcing is always a great idea. Plus, you are also helping other people beef up their funds.   

Just make sure that you check their quality of work. You wouldn’t want to tarnish your reputation. Always check the grammar, spelling, and of course, if it is plagiarized or not.   

Legalize Your Business   

As a rule of thumb, you should start your business right. You need to register and file the necessary taxes. It would be good to consult experts on this one. Know what documents you have to prepare. While this might cost you a bit, you would soon realize that registering your business will give you more clients. It’s because companies trust real businesses more than freelancers.   

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