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Natural Skin Care Routine for University Students

As a college student, we understand if your priority is to ace your exams and course. Taking care of your skin might not be one of your primary concerns. However, you would soon regret that, as ignoring your skin health will definitely speed up the process of aging. Now, another concern would be the cost. Perhaps, you think that skincare products are too expensive.   

Here’s the thing. There are natural skincare products that most people swear by. Unless you have specific skin conditions, you can follow the tips below.   

Know Your Skin Type  

Your friends might recommend natural remedies or products that worked well for them, but this doesn’t mean you should follow it right away. It is crucial that you understand your skin type. From there, look for products tailored-fit for you.   

Create Homemade Skin Care Recipes   

The great thing about nature is that we can get practically everything we need from it, even beauty products. We’ve met a lot of people with healthy-looking skin, and they shared that what they are using couldn’t be found in beauty stores, but rather in the kitchen. You might want to follow their lead too. Here are a few recipes most college students could take advantage of.   

Facial Scrub   

Make sure to exfoliate your skin with a DIY Facial Scrub. By doing so, you can remove your blackheads and dead skin cells. This will leave your face looking younger and more radiant. If you have been using store-bought apricot scrubs, you must know that it is not eco-friendly, and the beads will just end up in lakes and oceans. Thus, try to stay away from those. You just need baking soda and essential oils. You can use Lavender, Tea Tree, or Ylang Ylang.   

You can use the DIY Facial scrub twice a week, and this should clean up your pores.   

Eye Cream    

As a college student, there are naturally nights when you need to stay up late to complete a term paper or study for an exam. And as we all know, our eyes can’t lie, and it can certainly tell if you have been stressing out.  

Make sure to take care of the skin around your eyes by using this DIY cream. All you need is to freeze some coffee ice cubes and use these to cool your lids. This can reduce the swelling and can even brighten up your tired eyes. Teabags are a great alternative too.   


You might think you don’t need to moisturize your skin. However, you will thank yourself if you start this skin routine as early as now. You can use aloe vera, coconut oil, and almond oil.   

Face Mask   

While making your term paper, why don’t you leave a DIY face mask on, and hit two birds with one stone? A cocoa mask is ideal if you want to prevent dryness. All you need are cocoa powder, sour cream, honey, and egg white. Apply it on your face and let it dry before washing it. You will soon notice that your skin is firmer and tighter.   

Another effective face mask you can try is using blueberry. You see, it’s not just for having a healthy and hearty breakfast. It’s also good for your face. Just mix the berries, lemon juice, cucumber juice, baking soda, and water.   

Hand Soak   

Most people would focus on using facial products. However, your hands are overused, most especially with all the things you need to do for college. You can create your own nourishing milk hand soak. You just need enough milk to dip your hands, heat it using the microwave, and you are all set. It contains vitamins A and B to moisturize your skin.   

Foot Soak   

We’ve already covered the hand. Now let’s go to the feet. You can create your own foot soak using water and baking soda. It can even lessen your calluses and will remove dead skin cells. Soak your feet for 30 minutes, dry it, and apply foot lotion before putting on your cotton socks. Who says you have to pay for an expensive foot spa treatment?

Always Check With Your Doctor First    

Once again, if you have serious health conditions, make sure to consult with your doctor. Some remedies, even natural, might not sit well with you. It is always best to check with professionals first.   

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