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Must Read e-Books For College Students

Must Read e-Books For College Students

It is a given fact that you’ll never run out of reading materials in college. But this should not hinder you from reading other titles besides from the books dedicated to your acads. There are tons of benefits to reading books which all helps in making you perform better in class. 

It is also a great stress reliever which is something you can benefit from. With all the things happening around you, reading a book is a great way to escape reality even for just a moment and be in a world where you always imagined yourself to be.

College is also the best time to start expanding your knowledge and discovering new literature. Here are some of the best ebooks you can try and read.

Freedom By Jonathan Franzen

This book is about a love triangle between friends in college. The story revolves around whether the characters would choose friendship over love or vice versa. Many college students would be able to relate to this fictional story and help them find the answer to whether there is a right decision on how you can love without sacrificing your friendship.

This Side Of Paradise By F.Scott Fitzgerald

The story is about a privileged Princeton student who suffered delusion after graduation. He discovers that the life he knew was different outside the walls of the university. This book is an excellent eyeopener for many college students and is a definite must read.

1984 By George Orwell

It is about a fictional world divided by three totalitarian states. It is basically a story of survival and if they are brave enough to challenge the system, a fictional book with social relevance.

Crime and Punishment By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It is a novel about Raskolnikov, a student searching to find who he is. This book would make any college student rethink how they see their position in society and their view of moral laws.

A Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

This novel is also dubbed as “a negative utopia.” It is a story about our future world where individuality is not appreciated, but happiness is at the core of everything. Is there happiness in being the same with everyone? This book can help its readers understand whether it is just to accept things the way it is or is it better to challenge the system.

Ninth House By Leigh Bardugo

This book is about a high school dropout who happens to be the only survivor of multiple homicides. Studying at Yale, the protagonist is not your ordinary student as she sees ghosts. This make’s her a valuable asset to the university’s magic practicing secret society, “The Ninth House.”

Stamped From The Beginning By Ibram X. Kendi

This book is authored by historian Ibram Kendi and deals with the history of how racists ideas took root in America. It goes back to the colonial era and traces all the anti black ideas throughout different centuries. It shows the popularization and creation of racist thoughts and how it has woven the fabric of society. It is a good read for college students, which is also very timely given what is happening in today’s world.

Flour Water Salt Yeast By Ken Forkish

This book allows its readers to explore the Neapolitan-style pizza dough while allowing experienced bakers to create their starters. It provides tips on creating a baking schedule that would make your operation efficient, especially for those who bake at night. 

You will learn special techniques to create the perfect dough, crusty loaf, and levain starters. It is a book excellent for those who aspire to become a baker someday.

Such A Fun Age By Kiley Reid

The story is about a black babysitter Emira who was accused by a white security guard of kidnapping a three-year-old child. It is when Emira’s world started crumbling to her feet. This novel explores the clash between privilege and race and is a definite must read for every college student.

It is just a portion of many great titles students can read. Today, there is no excuse for not reading a book. Accessing great books has now been made easier thanks to the introduction of ebooks. Remember to exercise your brain and keep it sharp by reading a book.

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