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Must-Haves When Studying In College 

Most essential items in studying may vary depending on your learning style. Some will just use their laptops, and with all the latest technology gadgets may have, everything is already in it. Having said that, it is the number one must-have a student should invest in.

But with regard to other must-haves, let us give you some items that will also make your studying on top of the game. 

Noise-canceling Earphones

Wherever you want to study, noise-canceling is an excellent buy. Naturally, it’s to have a quiet environment. It may also give you the best quality of music if you want to hear your favorites on Spotify while memorizing. You may look for earphones with a built-in mic and Bluetooth for easy access whenever you want to answer a call while riding the bus. 

Quality Water Bottle

The key to keep you focused is to be hydrated. Never forget to bring this essential. It is a clever move to get an insulated water bottle because it can be used whether you want a cold drink or a hot tea. It is for all seasons, a penny-wise indeed. 

Most insulated water bottles also last for years. Thus, getting one means, you are also doing your part for the environment. At least you don’t have to buy single-use plastic bottles every single time. 

Colorful Pens

This is a no-brainer, right? There is no better way of studying than taking down notes. Putting your notes in your own words will definitely help you to remember your lesson. 

It is still the most effective way than using technology that will lead to distraction. Plus, taking notes is one way to improve your spelling skills – which most students are challenged right now. Better to take ballpoint pens if you want to have thick, oil-based, quick-drying, and, most importantly, water-proof ink! But if your hand is prone to fatigue, might consider having rollerball pens.


These items will never get old, whether you are in high school or college. They are the saving grace for finding important texts for reference. Others are using different colors in highlighting to serve as their codes. 

Sticky Notes

Aside from highlighters, one way of highlighting important concepts is through sticky notes. It is best to use it when you are borrowing books from the library. You can take down notes in your sticky notes and can leave them inside the book. And if you need to return it, just quickly detach it from the pages and place it on your wall or notebooks. Speaking of which, this is our next must-have item. 


This will not only organize your notes from school but could be the place to record your expenses, sketch some ideas, and write your future plans. You can also quickly jot down your thoughts before you forget important details. This is way better than writing in random scratch papers or tissue from your favorite diner. 

We understand that some people are using tablet to write down lectures and such, but nothing beats going old-school. It’s cost-efficient and you don’t have to worry if the battery dies down.  

Desk Lamp

It is also essential to add your own desk lamp aside from your room light. It gives additional and more focused light, especially while reading. Sufficient lighting will prevent you from restraining your eyes, resulting in a headache and damaging your eyes. 

Let us consider that a proper study environment is another key to getting good grades from school. 

Power Banks 

Power banks are another must-have that is vital to almost everyone using gadgets. As we all know, these are your on-the-go charging booth. It is handy and very useful to every dying gadget, which is essential to our studies. More than that, it is reliable enough to save us during power outages and other emergency situations. 

Flashcards or Index Cards 

Most flashcards are widely used by toddlers to develop and improve their visual memory. But little did you know that it is still effective for anyone who wants to improve their memorization. It allows you to simplify the act of repetition until you are confident enough in a particular topic. 

You can write the question in front of the flashcard and write the answer at the back so you can quickly check if your answer is correct. Then repeat until you can answer all the questions in a blink of an eye. This is also a great tool if you are studying with a partner or a group and you want to test their skills. 

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