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Must-Have Clothes For College Students  

A lot of college students will live in dormitories. If you are one of them, then perhaps you are thinking about what are the essentials clothes or wardrobe that you have to bring. Ideally, you can’t bring your entire closet due to space limitations. And that is why we are going to share with you the must-have clothing for university students.   

Classic Plain Shirts  

First of allthere’s a reason why a lot of successful people wear plain shirts. Think about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. This is so they could save time having to make a trivial decision. They could use that same time for more important things. It wouldn’t be bad to use that approach as well.   

Make sure to invest in plain yet quality shirts that you can easily pair with your jeans or pants. We don’t recommend using white shirts every day because you’d never know if you’d spill something on it.   

Full Formal Attire   

Your formal wear is essential whenever you have an interview or a presentation. And that is why we recommend that you bring it with you. Many people think that formal wear needs to be expensive. While designer ones can put holes in your pocket, there are a lot of lesser-known brands that look the same. Or if you are not picky, go to thrift shops and scout amazing finds from there.    

We suggest that you get pants, skirts, or blazers in plain black or deep blue. These are classic and timeless.   

Three Pairs Of Quality Jeans   

Demin jeans are extremely versatile. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you repeat it. And speaking of repeating clothes, you should get quality denim so it can last for years. We understand that ripped jeans are a fad now, and a lot of people use it. But we don’t recommend it if you are to attend events. The least you can wear is smart casual attire, and the last time we checked, ripped jeans aren’t included.   

Jackets Or Hoodies   

Any college student would agree that lecture halls can be extremely cold. And yes, that could ultimately distract you when attending your class. Thus, make sure that you have a cardigan or hoodie to protect you from the temperature.  


For ladies, you can also have good dresses. The advantage of dresses is that it’s comfortable and easy to wear. If you don’t have the time to mix and match, just get ones, pair it with accessories, and you are all set. It’s best to have a little black dress because you can use it for formal gatherings and for clubbing.   

Sportswear Or Outdoor Activities Clothes  

As college students, we always encourage you to be active. Make sure you have a few clothes where you can comfortably workout or at least you can use it when you go for a weekend hike.  


Now, what if your friends suddenly invite you for a quick beach trip? It would be costly to buy a new one, wouldn’t it? So, as you pack your bags, make sure that you have your swimwear. A couple should be enough.   


If you have a huge campus, better have comfortable sneakers so you can walk or fun fast. In fact, we recommend getting versatile designs where you can use your sneakers or rubber shoes for running. That way, you don’t have to bring a lot to your dormitory and you can save money.   

Sandals or Slippers   

Of course, you can’t always wear your sneakers, most especially during the hotter days. Getting a nice pair of sandals will do you good.   

Formal Footwear    

And since we’ve already mentioned buying your blazers, coats, or skirts, don’t forget a matching pair of formal footwear. Leather shoes or heels for ladies should be fine. At least you are always ready if there are formal parties that you have to attend to.   


Don’t forget your socks. We know a lot of college students forgetting to pack their socks and end up buying new ones. Make sure that you include these in your checklist. Have different styles that could match daily wear, weekend activities, or formal events.   


And lastly, you should bring your most comfortable sleepwear. You deserve to have the best sleep, and having a nice set of pajamas should help you get it.   

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