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Mindfulness, How Important This Is For College Students 

You might be studying for your exams, doing your research paper, and attending meetings for your university organization. With all the things that are happening around you, you might not be able to enjoy the present. And that is why being mindful is something that we encourage.  

When you say mindfulness, it’s about connecting and appreciating your present. You will have to accept what’s ‘now’ without judgment. According to studies, the practice is found to be effective in reducing stress levels.  

Good For Your Well Being  

When you practice being mindful, you enjoy what is happening right now, and you tend to give all your efforts. You don’t worry too much about the future as well. This makes you happier every second of the day. 

As we all know, this is important because we’ve been bombarded with a lot of negative news lately and sometimes, we feel hopeless. To counteract that negativity, you must be mindful of the blessings that you have right now – in this very moment.  

It’s Beneficial For The Physical Health  

If you must know, being mindful can have a positive effect on your physical health. Think about lowering the risks of heart diseases, blood pressure, and even chronic pain.  

And if you are having a hard time sleeping, doing this can help you in massive ways too.  

Improves Your Mental Health  

Mental health is as important as your physical health. And we understand that many college students are suffering from it.  

But of course, you cannot let that defeat you. You must come up with effective ways to combat stress and anxiety. And according to experts, being mindful can be a good solution.  

Best Mindfulness Techniques  

If you must know, there are several ways to practice this. However, you must always have a single goal – to achieve that state of being alert. You need to master how you can relax by paying attention to your bodily sensations. If you want to learn the different techniques, here are a few ones that you can practice right away.  

Basic Mindfulness  

You can start with the simple practice by sitting quietly in a peaceful room. From there, you can focus on your breathing. Some people focus on the word ‘mantra’ which they repeat in silence. Let your thoughts come and go.  

Body Sensations  

With this method, you have to be aware of your subtle body sensations. Just try to focus on these things. And again, let it pass without judgment. You can start feeling these sensations from your head, down to your toes.  


This is where you have to take note of all the sights, smell, taste, and even the feel of your surroundings.  


For this one, you will allow your emotions to pass. You will accept it, and then you let it go.  

Steps To Being Mindful  

  • On a chair, sit with your back straight. Or you can also do cross your legs while on the floor.  
  • Try to focus on your breathing. This means you will try to feel all the sensations from your nostrils and your mouth. You should also take notice of your belly as you inhale and exhale.   
  • When you are already done focusing on your breathing, you can then widen your focus. This means you will make yourself aware of your surroundings, including the sounds.  
  • It is important that you do this without judgment. If your thoughts begin with wander, make sure to focus on your breathing again.  

How Long Should Your Practice Every Day?  

For beginners, the recommended time should be 20 minutes. However, if you are already getting used to the practice, you can increase it to 45 minutes.  

You can watch several YouTube videos if you wish to learn how you can practice this. Also, there are apps that can provide you with specific steps. If there are classes nearby, we recommend that you take advantage of it.  

To be honest, it’s an investment that we all need. Not everything is about beating the deadline or acing your exams. What matters is that you create balance. And by practicing mindfulness, you are one step further into getting it.  

You better learn the practice as early as now. We have to tell you. Life after college can be more challenging. You can use this to manage your stress and be able to live a better life.  

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