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Make A Good Impression On Your Internship  

Being an intern is your opportunity to stand out. If you landed an internship in a company that you’ve always dreamed about, then you have to exert effort to shine. There are proper ways to stand out during your internship. And that is what we’re going to tackle in this post. Hopefully, it can help you have leverage when you apply for a real job.  

More often than not, interns would be OK with mundane tasks and they will just do what they are told. If you’re going to take this approach, then it’s not going to work. You will be just one of the interns that the employers or hiring managers would eventually forget. So what do you have to do? Here are some of the most effective yet practical ways to be the best intern right now.  

Come On Time And Come Prepared   

To make a good impression, make sure that you arrive in the office on time. If you can arrive earlier, then that’s better. If you live far from the office, make sure that you practice your commute so you will not have an excuse that you got stuck in traffic.

In addition, you must also come prepared. You shouldn’t go there and not know anything about the company. Make sure that you do a bit of research and even look for company updates so that you can provide real value to the organization. These subtle things and quick research can be your advantage in the future.  

Know Your Superiors  

As you are doing your internship, it is critical that you also understand the work behavior and environment. Specifically, with your superiors, you have to know their working style so you can be able to adjust yours as well. Complement and work together to have the best projects during your internship.

This is not to say that you have to forget your working style. Again, we would like to highlight that you just need to complement, and have a common ground. You should be able to take it from there.  

Speak Up When Necessary   

Most interns would keep quiet even if they have great ideas, thinking that it will not be appreciated. But you are wrong. As an intern, you have the right to speak up and to tell more about your thoughts. Remember we have our own strengths and what you know might something they are not aware of.  

However, you also need to refine your ways when it comes to speaking up. Don’t come too aggressive because that can be too annoying, and people might think that you are a know it all. Instead, try to practice being assertive.  

Know how and when to speak, and the perfect timing. Eventually, your managers and even the business owner will be impressed with your attitude. And who knows if they might ask you to be with them in the future.  

Observe Current Business Processes  

When you’re not doing anything, we recommend that you be observant. Look at the things that the office workers are doing within the company. From there, try to see if there are business processes that you could improve. Write it down, and create a process flow during your free time. Don’t forget to submit it to the necessary persons, and they will likely appreciate it. Hopefully, they will not get credit for your work. Having said that, you always keep a soft copy just in case they need to see where the idea came from.  

Follow Instructions   

You might think that as a part of the younger generation, we are more efficient than the older ones. Well, that can be true in some cases. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow their instructions while you’re doing your internship. That’s a big NO. You still have to respect them. And you have to show that you value their opinions by following their directions. If you think that there should be an improvement, again you can suggest that in a proper venue. But don’t act as if you know everything, because again, they are there for a reason. They’ve experienced a lot of things which someone like you might not be knowledgeable of.  

Get To Know People   

As they always say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. And this could be true when you are an intern. Get to know as many people within the company, and try to seek insider reports. Know if they’re hiring full time and send your resume right away. These networks could help you eventually, so don’t take it for granted.  

Are you ready to start with your internship right now? Again, prepare for it and you would land a real job that would pay you decent enough to have a great living. 

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