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Living Off-Campus, Best Tips For College Students

Some college students opt to live off-campus and that’s fine. However, there are certain things you have to remember so that you can stay safe and be able to maximize your stay in your accommodation. This is a must-read, most especially for college students in their first year. Make sure that you know the ropes as early as now.  

Look For A Roommate You Trust  

When you are to live off-campus, we recommend that you look within your circle first for a roomie. Most probably, your inner circle are the people whom you trust the most. If you have friends going to the same university, then invite them to share the apartment with you. Or you can post online and see if there would be someone interested.  

The latter option can be risky. So you have to do your due diligence before accepting any roommate. Check their record first. Most likely since they are college students, a quick online search could do the trick.  

You need to have that good level of trust. Come to think of it, you would be sharing space and your personal items will be under one roof.  

Have Individual Agreement  

Find a place where you can sign an individual agreement. This is to protect yourself in case they back out. At least you won’t have to shoulder the entire rent if they leave. Remember, college is already expensive. If you are going to have another financial burden, imagine the stress you will have to go through.  

Look For A Place Near Your Campus  

As much as possible, look for accommodation where you can just walk to and from your school. There’s no point in looking for a cheap place where you need to pay extra for transportation. We encourage you to find a place where you can walk or bike. This is already a form of exercise which most college students do not give time for.  

If you must know, being physically active can help you perform well in school. And for those who are also working, this proves to be beneficial as well.  

Check The Establishments Around  

When selecting a place to stay during college, the establishments around should be your consideration. Is there a near grocery store? Is there a laundromat? Are they near recreational centers just in case you want to work out?  

Apart from the establishments, look if the area is generally safe. Do a bit of research about the crimes happening around and all the whatnots. If there are too many reported incidents, then never risk it even if the rent is extremely low.  

Have A Background Check Of The Property Management  

Your place doesn’t have to be extremely new. But it needs to be in good condition for safety and security purposes. Take a look around the unit. What does it look like? Do you think the ceiling will fall off? Are the appliances eco-friendly? Or do you think it is prone to short-circuit? Do they even have smoke detectors? These little things must be considered.  

Change Your Locks  

While your unit and doors will probably have their own locks, we recommend that you change it. That way, you can ensure that no one has a spare key. Come to think of it, you will be storing your valuables in your apartment and you shouldn’t worry about leaving it.  

Check Your Agreement  

Before signing anything, you need to read everything. And when we say everything, this includes the fine print. You better check the penalties as well just in case you have to terminate the agreement and leave for valid reasons.  

Keep Track Of The Items You Buy  

Since you will be sharing with other people, make sure that you know the items you’ve bought for yourself. If you did your groceries, have an inventory. And if you have housemates that would always get your things without replacing it, then you have to talk to them right away.  

Have A Schedule On Who’s Going To Do The Chores  

We understand that every one of you can be pretty busy with all the schoolwork. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your trash rotting inside your apartment. Have a schedule where everybody could see it. That way, you can all live harmoniously Рand clean. 

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