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Life Coaching, Do You Need It? College Students Guide

Did you know that according to the American College Health Association, 92% of female college students and 78% of male college students are overwhelmed by what they have to do on campus? 

Based on the data, 89% of females and 76% of males are physically exhausted. Here are other statistics to help us get to our point: 

  • 59% of its female respondents and 48% of males said they felt that things are hopeless
  • 55% of females and 43% of males are traumatized by their academic experience

In addition, a study shows 25% of students do not return after their freshmen year. This is in the US alone and is increasing every year.  

So what do these numbers mean? It shows that college life is not just about fun and games. It is a stressful environment for students, and it is something that needs to be addressed. 

And if you are included in the statistics, this post is for you. Perhaps, what you need is to get a life coach.

What Is Life Coaching? 

Life coaching aims to help people cope with stresses and use their strengths to achieve their goals. The target is to have better overall well-being. It identifies the obstacles that hinder personal growth and creates strategies using a person’s gifts and unique skills.  

The question now is, as a college student, do you need it?

Here are a few reasons why having a life coach is beneficial for you.

It Is An Inexpensive Solution To Cope With Stress

College students are prone to stress due to various stressors. It could be a combination of the following factors: 

  • academic struggles
  • career indecisions
  • personal issues
  • financial difficulties

Having a life coach is a cheaper and more cost-efficient way of helping you create ways on how to cope up and make the necessary adjustment. This is especially true if you are in the transition period. It teaches you how to become more resilient and have the ability to handle life’s struggles.

It Lowers The Risk Of Depression

Being bombarded with all these stressors while maintaining focus on your studies could physically and emotionally drain a student. This could lead to anxiety which usually is the trigger of depression. 

Depression is something that no one should underestimate as this could lead to students dropping out or to something even worse. Life coaching can teach you how to manage yourself and to create positive outcomes from stress. 

Take note though that even if life coaching could help alleviate anxiety, they could not treat it. If you are experiencing severe anxiety, seek a doctor as they are more equipped to help you with your trouble.

It Creates A Stronger Relationship 

Another benefit of having a life coach is that it helps you eliminate any negative barrier that is holding you back from establishing a stronger relationship. Remember, having a good set of friends in college helps ease out the stress. These people could also give you support and motivation in times of need.

With a life coach, you are able to open yourself to other people, which in turn strengthens the relationship.

It Helps Students To Be More Decisive 

Other college students have this trouble of deciding what they want. There is so much to consider, specifically for their future career, and this creates confusion. Unfortunately, this could also lead to stress.

Life coaching can help create a decision and guide you to the right career perfect for you. It enables you to establish a goal and guides you towards achieving it.

It Lowers Procrastination

Life coaching also lowers student procrastination. Procrastinating influences your ability to decide quickly. Simply put, it can teach you how to eliminate this kind of attitude and be more decisive. It helps you develop an attitude that you could use during your college life and even after you graduate.

Life coaching is an informal and skill-based approach on how you can achieve personal growth. It has a long-lasting effect that produces personal growth, which in turn makes you a better person. 

Though life coaching can help you in many ways, do not expect to see immediate results. It is not an overnight success. It takes time and effort from both parties.

Also, remember that there is no single rule that can solve your problems. Different people require different approaches. Hence, find a life coach whom you can be open. That kind of relationship is necessary. 

So going back to the initial question, do you need life coaching? We have to ask you, is there any reason not to?

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