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Know When You Are Over-Partying, College Student Guide  

As a college student, you have probably been invited to a number of parties. And that’s amazing. As we always say, college parties are a good venue to make connections and form a network. However, some of us have a hard time saying NO. It’s as if we always want to be in the loop, even if it is already taking a toll on our health and education.   

If you want to see if you are partying too much as a college student, this post is for you. And just in case you have confirmed that you are going overboard, you need to act right now and change your ways. Do it before it is too late.   

You Miss Your Classes  

Take a look at your class performances. Do you think you have a lot of absences? Are you missing your early class after a night of partying? If yes, then it’s about time that you skip a few party invites. Missing just a single class can cause you a lot. You won’t know if there are lectures and even tips that your professors would share during the class. That’s already a missed opportunity to get a good score on your exam.   

You Are Having A Hard Time Understanding The Lectures  

As we’ve already shared, just missing one lecture can be s big loss. Multiple concepts and topics may be discussed in a class. And if you are not there to listen and list down notes, it would be challenging to keep up. You need to work twice as much, and that’s wasted effort.   

You Are Getting Sick   

When you often feel awful and it seems that your body is failing you, that’s another reason that you have to slow down with your partying. Our bodies can only do so much and it has limitations. Yes, you can probably attend your 7AM class after partying all night. But don’t expect that you can function well in the coming days.   

So if ever if you are always having a headache, or if there are illnesses which you can’t explain, you know what to do.   

You Are Losing A Lot Of Cash   

You see, partying ever night or every weekend can put a hole on your pocket. You might not notice it because you are enjoying too much. But at the end of the month, check if you still have enough to get by. Or, maybe you are not able to pay your rent or phone bills. If that’s the case, check how much you are spending for your booze.   

Your Friends Are Telling You That You Party Too Much   

Real friends will tell you the truth. And if they see that you are going overboard and that you are partying too much, they will tell you exactly just that. This is not to make you feel bad. However, as real friends, they want you to be in the right path. And non-sense partying will get you nowhere. Listen to them and don’t get offended. To be honest, spending quality time with them is way better than partying with people you barely even know.   

You Lose Some Of Your Friends   

Now, this is a sad one. When you party too much and you can’t control your life, you slowly become a bad influence to your friends. You would even force them to join you and they would end up taking care of you once you get drunk.   

Who wants that for a friend, right?   

You Had No Idea What Happened Last Night   

Sure you’ve blacked out once in your life, and that’s forgivable. However, if it seems that you always can’t remember what happened the night before, that’s not a good sign. Not to mention, dangerous too. If this happens to you regularly, you need to slow down and choose parties that you would say YES.   

You Are About To Lose Your Job   

And lastly, when you a working student and you keep on partying, your work might suffer. You cannot go to your shift, or there are a lot of complaints.   

As a college student, you should be able to balance your life. Yes, partying is good and it’s a break from your routine. But that doesn’t mean you should do it practically every single day. Don’t get addicted to it.    

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