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Killing Bedbugs In Your Dormitory, How To Do It? 

Bedbugs are downright annoying. Not to mention, it could be itchy and painful too. And if you are living in a dormitory, you need to ensure that your space is free from bedbugs. Otherwise, we don’t think you would enjoy sleeping in there.  

If you wish to get rid of bedbugs in your dorm, here are a few things you need to do.  

Check Every Potential Breeding Ground For Bedbugs   

Before you even settle down, you need to check the areas where bedbugs love to hide. This includes the bed (of course), the chairs and couches, dressers, cabinets, or even clothing if you left some of your clothes during the break.  

Talk To Your RA  

If you believe your dormitory is infested with bedbugs, don’t waste time and immediately tell it to your RA. From there, they should be able to call professionals to exterminate these pests. In the meantime, you can ask to be assigned in a different room first.  

Keep Your Things In A Plastic Bag   

It can get pretty scary to know that there are bedbugs in your dormitory. Some of you might even want to put your beddings, bags, and clothes in a huge plastic for disposal. But that’s not recommended. That’s not practical and it’s as if you are throwing away money. Instead, do our next tip. 

Spoiler Alert: You can still use your old things.  

Wash Your Stuff And Use High Temperature  

You need to wash all your stuff and make sure to use an extreme high temperature. This should be able to kill the bedbugs, eggs, and even the larvae. Until such time that a professional will come to the rescue, keep your things in a clean plastic bag, and seal it.   

Regularly Clean Your Room  

Even after your room has been cleared and there are no bedbugs left, make sure that you will have a regular cleaning schedule. It would be a great idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner and a steamer. Cleaning your dormitory shouldn’t be a huge task since most of the rooms are tiny. 

Your mattress should be thoroughly cleaned as well. You also need to use a stiff brush to remove all the eggs.  

If you are allowed to hire professional cleaning services, then we encourage you to do so. With these services, they will make sure that every corner is clean. That’s something most of us are not good at.  

Practice A Minimalist Lifestyle  

Many people are now practicing a minimalist lifestyle, and if you are not yet joining the bandwagon, we urge you to try it out.  

Why do you think this is related to bedbugs?  

As you may now know, bedbugs love to hide in different places and things. If you have fewer things around, the lesser items you have to clean, and they have a few spots to hide. This is a logical approach to prevent bedbugs from infesting your dormitory.   

Set Rules With Your Roommate  

And to keep your room clean, you and your roommate must set ground rules. If you are allowed to bring food inside, you need to dispose it properly. Also, make it a mandate to leave your outdoor shoes near your door. You shouldn’t go around your room wearing the same. That’s just way unhygienic.  

Should You Use Chemicals?  

While there are many over-the-counter products claiming that you can kill bedbugs, we do not recommend using those. Unless you are a professional, you can never be too sure about the effects of these chemicals. You might as well leave it to the experts.  

The bottom line is, you need to get rid of it as soon as you can. The more that you wait, the more that it could get worse. Don’t let that happen.   

Cure For Bedbugs Bite  

If there are no serious reactions from the bites of bedbugs, you may treat it at home. First, you just need to wash the bites using soap and water. This can help in alleviating the itch.  

Next, you can get creams for the bites. These are available over-the-counter. Just make sure that you are not allergic to it.  

However, if you believe that the irritation or reaction becomes severe, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor. 

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