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Key To Being Productive In School, College Tips 

You have to remember that being busy is different from being productive. You see, you might be doing a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean you are accomplishing much.  

If that’s the case, you are just busy – not productive. This is the reason why there are a lot of students who still miss their deadlines and couldn’t pass their exams.  

Let’s try to see how you can be better and start being productive.  

Evaluate How You Use Your Time  

The first thing that you have to do right now is to evaluate your time. What does this mean? It means that you’re going to track the activities that you do for the entire day. That way, you can see which ones take a lot of your time and be able to refine your schedule better.  

Maybe you are spending too much time on social media. Or perhaps you spend hours travelling from your apartment to your school. How about you spend too much time in the shower? These simple things, when you add it all up, can be surprising.  

There are apps that you can use for this. But if you think that will just eat up space on your phone, then you can simply log it down in a traditional notepad.  

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Breaks  

Most of the time, we want to maximize our mental and physical capacity. However, if you do such, you will get tired easily and you can no longer function even if you wanted to. So, here’s a trick. Try to take a break depending on how you would like it. For example, if you want to rest for 10 minutes every hour or have a 30-minute break for the entire day, then go ahead. With this, your brain could recuperate and will be able to be more productive.  

Have A Dedicated Area For Studying 

It’s also crucial that you have a specific area where you can be highly productive. So if in case you are living in a dormitory, clear up your desk so you will not be distracted while you are studying.  

We also know that the noise can be a distraction too. We recommend that you get decent headphones so you can block all the noises.  

Normalize Deadlines  

It’s also a good practice if you set deadlines not just on your schoolwork, but also on your personal tasks. For example, if you want to do your groceries, try to challenge yourself that you will do it within the next few hours. With this, you are training yourself to follow your schedule and you avoid procrastinating.  

Plan Ahead  

You might think that this is too old school, but having a planner is a great technique. When you have one, try to visualize your entire week, month, and even the entire quarter.  

We bet that there’s going to be a school calendar given to you. Plot the important dates into your schedule as well.  

Learn To Automate Tasks  

You have to use technology to your advantage. If there are tasks that you can automate, then go ahead. For example, if you need to pay your bills every month, instead of doing it manually, why don’t you let your bank automatically charge you? Of course, you have to make sure to pay everything on time to avoid penalties and big interests.  

Get Enough Sleep  

Some of you might think that not going to sleep could be the best solution so you can do more things. But that’s not true. Again, as long as you are using your mental capacity, it will eventually slow down. And that’s where sleep or rest is necessary.  

We say, do as much as you can during the day, and dedicate the night time for sleeping. If someone askyou to join them for a party during a school night, it’s best if you decline first. Just imagine the energy and time you would be wasting. Of course, once in a while, you have to experience it. But doing so regularly is a different story.  

Get Help  

Bear in mind that you are not alone, and that you can always get help.  

If you have complicated projects, there are professionals who could mentor you so that you can easily finish it. Or for instance, you have tons of homework, find a service provider who could help you with that as well. This is the importance of outsourcing.  

But of course, if you are looking for a service provider, make sure that they are credible enough. Otherwise, the results might be daunting and you might receive a bad grade. 

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