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Jobs That Will Be Gone in the Future  

Have you ever wondered what are the professions that will be considered obsolete in the years to come? According to experts, some of these jobs will be gone in the next decade due to automation. Technology, as we all know, moves fast, and you have to at least adapt to these changes. So if you are planning to set a career path, reading this post would be beneficial for you.    


You will notice that many people are now using e-wallets and are not even carrying cash with them. With that trend rising every year, we can say that the requirement for cashiers might diminish over time. Even fast-food restaurants are using cashless payment nowadays.   

Bank Teller   

Banks will always be there. However, experts envision that most local branches will close down. After all, most people could do online and mobile banking, requiring less workforce. But of course, we still need to consult with advisors. But as to the physical bank itself, we would definitely see a lot of changes.    

Travel Agents  

Years ago, you will have to visit a travel agency if you want to book a plane ticket or a hotel in your dream destination. However, with the emergence of easy-to-use platforms like Trivago,, Agoda, plus all the airline websites, anyone with internet can DIY their travels. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a job in the industry. In fact, there will be a lot. You can still be a tour guide or even a travel writer.   


You might think that this is impossible, but this could be in the near future with all the smart cars today. As of the moment, we see smaller smart cars. But with technology running faster than anyone, we can envision bigger vehicles driving on its own.   


With advanced equipment, commercial farmers might not be needed in the future as much as we need them today. In addition to the machinery, many people are now putting up their own sustainable indoor farm or vegetable gardens.   


With social media on the rise, everyone could tag themselves as broadcasters. In fact, people nowadays would listen to micro-influencers instead of a hardcore journalist. Having said that, big companies would rather use ‘common’ people to deliver real-time news.   

Sports Referees  

Who would have thought that sports officials and referees might not be as apparent in the next years? Well, we can blame robotics and artificial intelligence for this. As humans, we are bound to have mistakes, and our judgment could be subjective. So when it comes to sports, they say that robots could do better. Let’s see if this will materialize.   

Printers and Publishers   

Ten years ago, you wouldn’t think that the internet could replace print media. But look at what is happening right now. Even books are published online. And while some people would still want to get hard copies, we already see many publishing houses closing down.   


Many restaurants have already embraced the technology, and they are now using tablets and smartphones to have their customers seated. In addition, these customers are now able to place their orders using the same small devices. And yes, even serving food is now automated.  

We are not saying that the above jobs will be extinct. Again, experts suggest that there will be a drastic decrease. Regardless if your chosen industry or career is listed, you need to do one thing. And that’s to continuously learn and adapt. Let’s talk about that more in the last section.   

What Do You Need to Do?   

To be honest, nothing is ever certain. And the only way you can stay relevant is if you regularly upskill. You need to be on the lookout of the trend and to make sure that your skills are still useful in any industry. So apart from finishing your degree, make sure that you invest on yourself by attending industry trainings and seminars. Try to learn new things even if it is outside of your comfort zone.   

As they say, your education doesn’t stop at the university. You might not see the value of attending conferences while studying, but you will as soon as you enter the workforce for real.   

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