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Is Your Dormitory Conducive For Learning?

You must make your dormitory room conducive for learning. Otherwise, it would be harder to focus, and it will be a challenge to ace your subjects. But don’t worry as there is no need to spend too much or to fully renovate your room. Just use our practical tips, and your dorm room will be a fantastic spot where you can spend hours studying your hardest subjects. 

Clear Up Your Desk 

One of the best ways to improve your study habits is to find a perfect spot where you can place your desk. More often than not, dormitory rooms have desks. But of course, these are quite plain and do not come with study essentials. That’s where you can add a few items. 

Make sure you have organizers where you can place your books and other reading materials. It would be nice to have a few colored pens so you can make learning even more enjoyable. 

Others are adding framed quotes that keep them motivated all throughout the semester. You can also print your goals or your inspiration so you will always be fueled to read and learn.

Please note that there are people who are more productive when they have a cluttered desk. It’s how they are wired and if you are like them, then don’t get pressured clearing up your area. Whatever works for you is fine. 

Get a Study Lamp  

If you are sharing a room, we advise you to get your own study lamp. These study lamps are known to provide task lighting, made especially for reading or writing. At least you get to continue with your studying without distracting your roommate if you need to stay up late. There are a lot of brands to choose from but we will share with you our top picks: 

  • TW Lighting IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port 
  • Harmonic LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger 
  • Fugetek 27 LED Desk Office Lamp 

Maximize Natural Light

Another tip is for you to allow natural light to enter your room. This creates a break or balance if you’ve been studying for the whole day. The natural light can essentially give you that warmth. 

Get Some Plants

According to experts, adding plants into your room is also beneficial if you want to be productive. The same applies if you want to study. 

We recommend getting plants that are low maintenance. You can get succulents, so you do not have to water them daily.  

Minimize the Noise 

If it is possible to soundproof your room, then so be it. However, we understand that this option might not be feasible for others. The best solution is to invest on noise-canceling headphones. We’ve asked several students on the best brands they will recommend, and we chose the top three. 

  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II 
  • Sony WH-1000XM3 
  • Jabra Elite 85h 

These headphones might be costly at first, but think about long term, and the years you can use it. 

Place a Signage

This idea might seem odd for others, but it works most of the time. When you want to study and you share a room with someone else, let them know that you need to focus. Just a simple card stating ‘I’m Studying’ can avoid distractions. 

Of course, it’s a different concern if your roommates aren’t sensitive enough for your needs. And that is why you have to know your roommate and mutually agree on standards.  

Stay Away from Gadgets 

One of the biggest distractions when studying is your mobile phone or gadget. The mere sound of notification can make you lose focus. Apart from turning it off and placing it on silent mode or airplane mode, you can put your gadgets at a far end where you can’t reach it easily. 

Dedicated Area for Studying

When you’ve already created your perfect study area, dedicate it for that purpose alone. Do not use it to watch your favorite Netflix series or to chat with your roommates. Otherwise, it would be harder to condition yourself to study when you sit down there.  

What if We Don’t Have a Study Desk? 

There are also a few instances that your dormitory does not provide extra desks. What you can do is to buy a foldable study table which is also called a foldable laptop or bed table. This is helpful if you have a small space, yet would like to be comfortable when using your laptop or writing a term paper. 

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