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Is Slack Worth It? Should You Use It For School?

Is Slack Worth It? Should You Use It For School?  

You have probably heard about Slack, and it’s making noise for a good reason. Now, if you are not using it, maybe it’s about time to make a big switch. Here are a couple of reasons why many people are crazy about Slack. And while it’s being used for work, college students can use it. After all, it’s always good to have an experience with the tools you’d eventually use in the future.   

Benefits of Using Slack   

It’s Easy To Use   

What we love about Slack is that it is easy to use. And when we say easy, it’s as if you are using a regular messaging app. You can send instant messages to a group or to someone privately.   

Add Channels   

Now, another great feature of Slack is that you can organize your communication. For example, if you have a study group, you can use different channels and talk about topics specifically for that subject. It’s easier to backtrack discussions.   

Drag, Drop Files And Images   

If you wish to share files or images with your group, you can do so easily with this platform. Just drag and drop it and you are good to go. It’s really a no-brainer using this app and it makes it perfect for college students. After all, we understand that university life can be pretty hectic. You don’t need a platform that will make your life any harder.   

Creating An Account Is A Breeze   

You just need an email address, go over to the platform, name your team, and you can send the custom URL to your groupmates.   

Integrate Other Apps   

Here’s another great thing about Slack. You could integrate other platforms such as Google Drive. That means, you can instantly sync it and have your team notified about the progress of your projects and other school matters.   

Easily Find Anything   

What if you have a lot of conversation and suddenly one topic gets drowned after quite some time. For other platforms, it’s hard to track it back. You need to scroll several times before you finally get the message.   

But with the search box in Slack, you can find anything in a snap. Their search box can get through all the channels, which makes everything a whole lot easier.   

You Can Access It Anywhere   

Slack also has a mobile app. And that’s great because most university students are glued to their smartphones. With that, you can send messages and they will surely get it right away. It’s efficient and you can get things done the fastest time possible.   

Share Your Screen  

There are times wherein your schedule won’t work with others. Meeting personally is impossible. In that case, you can always hold a virtual meeting and share your screen with others.   

You Can Use It For Free   

And most probably the best part is that you can use Slack for free. While there are paid options, the free one works best not just for students, but also for those who work.    

It’s Amazing Even For Small Businesses   

For quite some time, we’ve been encouraging college students to start their own small businesses. There are many benefits to starting a new business. Of course, as always, there is no 100% guarantee that it will be successful. It depends on a number of factors. But what’s good is that you can learn from it. And in fact, you can build a network.   

If you are now decided to build your own empire, use Slack most especially if you don’t have a physical office yet, or if you are working with remote employees. We did mention that there is a free option. So you better use that first.  

The bottom line is, you need to take advantage of technology if you wish to keep up with the times. The thing with today’s age is that everything seems so fast. With that said, more things are expected from us. If you will not use platforms such as Slack, it can be easy to lose everything. You tend to be disorganized, and that could affect your grades essentially.   

It’s easy to play around with the app. We recommend downloading it right now and see the difference it could make in your life.   

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