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Is Pole Vaulting For You, College Tips? 

Many college students are willing to try out new sports. If you are one of them, kudos! As we all know, engaging yourself in a new activity, especially sports, is good for mental and physical health. 

In most cases, people would like to try the most common sports or physical activities like running, swimming or tennis, to name a few. But have you ever considered pole vaulting? Before you try it out, here are the things you have to know. 

What Is Pole Vaulting? 

Pole Vaulting is also known as pole jumping. It’s a track and field event where you use a long and flexible pole made from carbon fiber or fiberglass. This pole helps you jump over a bar.¬†

What Are The Benefits Of Pole Vaulting For College Students? 

If you must know, pole vaulting involves a lot of athletic skills. That’s why athletes do all sorts of workouts and training to ensure optimal performance. Having said that, trying out pole vaulting for yourself means a good challenge for your body. You are targeting your holistic health when you try out this sport.¬†

Below are the other benefits when you try pole vaulting. 

РYou improve speed and strength 

РYou become more aware of your body 

РYou get to develop a fearless attitude 

– You become disciplined

These things are not isolated to pole vaulting. Most sports will give you the same benefits and it’s up to you if pole vaulting fits your preference. But before you jump, make sure you know the risks because it’s not for everyone.¬†

Are You Ready To Try Out Pole Vaulting? 

It could be pretty exciting to try out something new. However, you still need to be safe. Do not attempt to jump without supervision. Not to scare you or anything, but pole vaulting can be a dangerous sport when you are not supervised by professionals. 

We recommend that you visit your physician first just to check if you are fit enough to endure what pole vaulting requires. When you have approval, you can visit centers that offer pole vaulting classes. From here, you will be assisted by professionals. As always, it’s better to be safe. After all, injuries can certainly affect your daily activities. For busy college students, losing time is something we cannot afford.¬†

Has Anyone Died Doing Pole Vault? 

Yes. That’s why we encourage you to work with professionals before doing this type of activity. Since the 80s, 20 athletes have died doing pole vaulting and many have suffered serious injuries. The numbers aren’t alarming. Then again, you should always practice safety at all times.¬†

What To Look For In A Pole Vaulting Facility? 

When looking for the perfect spot to train, you should do your due diligence. Find a facility where they have outstanding equipment. Check if their poles are of good quality. You can never underestimate the importance of well-maintained poles. 

In addition, you can always look for the trainer’s credentials. You can check online or even ask them personally about their experiences.¬†

Speaking of which, a quick search over the internet will give you several choices for pole vaulting facilities. Choose one near your university so you can regularly train. You can even invite some of your friends to try it out. 

Do You Need To Have Your Own Poles? 

Some of you might ask if you need to have your own poles for pole vaulting. This is a personal choice and is not a requirement. Most of the time, facilities offer poles for rent and you should take advantage of those first, especially if you are not planning to become a professional. 

Who Are The Ideal Athletes For Pole Vaulting?

For those who plan to take their pole vaulting to another level and represent their university for competitions, here are a few characteristics that make a good pole vaulter. 

РWell-toned, lean and fit bodies 

РExcels in sprinting and jumping 

РHas high endurance and stamina 

Try Out Pole Vaulting And Experience Something Awesome 

Instead of partying all weekend or binging on TV series, why don’t you do something extraordinary and learn pole vaulting? It can be scary considering the risks. But what is life without risks, right? With careful planning and the help of professionals, you can learn the sport and minimize the chances of getting injuries.¬†

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