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Is Music Effective For Studying, Best Playlist For College Students 

You’ve probably heard before that classical music effectively boosts one’s mental abilities. It’s not surprising that expecting mothers are listening to Beethoven and Mozart. For college students, do you think music per se can help you ace your next exam? Well, if you want to know more, this post is perfect for you. 

“Not All People Can Focus With Music”

Here’s a fact. We are all different. While some people can focus more by listing to music, others are simply distracted. You should assess which one works for you. If you think music is a distraction, study in a place with minimal noise like a library. Or better yet, invest in noise-canceling headphones so you can block sounds wherever you are. 

Benefits Of Listening To Music While Studying 

Now, if you love listening to music while reading your lectures, here are the advantages you can get from it. 

You Get Motivated 

According to a study in 2019, music can activate the reward centers in our brains. So whenever you are listening to your favorite tunes, it’s as if you are motivating yourself to learn new things or information. 

Now, if your preferred music isn’t exactly for studying, what you can do is to listen to these whenever you are on a break. 

You Increase Focus 

If you want to ace your exams, focusing on your lectures is the way to do it. Fortunately, classical music can help your brain understand new information better. This is according to research in 2007. It says that music trains your brain to pay more attention. 

In addition, you become better at making predictions and reasoning. All of these are critical for college students. After all, your lessons are not just about memorizing data. It’s more of analyzing information. 

You Improve Your Mood 

Another reason why experts advise you to listen to music is to improve your mood. Let’s face it, college life can be stressful and it’s not surprising that you would be in a bad mood sometimes. However, that can also affect how we do things. You won’t be able to absorb your lessons because you are simply “not in the mood.” 

Disadvantages Of Listening To Music While Studying

Others don’t enjoy listening while they are reading their college lessons. Here are a few reasons why. 

Music Distracts Others

Think of it this way. When you are sad, you try to play your happy tunes to forget your emotions momentarily. That means music is an effective way to divert your attention, which could be the same when studying. 

Bad For Working Memory 

When we speak about working memory, it’s used when trying to remember items on a list, the steps in solving math problems or a sequence of events. A study suggests that music can reduce our working memory capacity. 

If you think it’s challenging for you to handle multiple pieces of information in one go, it’s best not to listen to music while studying. 

Lowers Reading Comprehension 

Let’s just say you are reading a novel for your book report. Listening to certain types of music can do more harm than good. For example, music with lyrics or loud ones could hinder you from understanding the material. 

Choose The Right Kind Of Music 

It’s best to know the type of music to listen to while studying. Below is a guide that can help you improve your playlist. 

– Go for slow and instrumentals music 

– Stay away from music with lyrics or experimental ones 

– Keep the volume low 

– Don’t play music that you are emotionally attached to 

– Stream music without ads 

You Can Listen To Other Sounds 

Apart from music, other sounds can help you while studying. These are nature sounds and white noise. When we talk about nature sounds, it could be the waves of the ocean or the rainfall. For white noise, it could be the sound of your fan. 

Best Playlist For Studying 

Check out our favorite playlists when studying for exams. These can be found in Spotify. 

Intense Studying – The songs are relaxing but the tempo is good enough to keep you going.  

Study Mix – These are popular songs but without lyrics. The playlist goes on for five hours and 40 minutes. 

Brain Food – Perfect for those who want quiet and electronic sounds while reviewing their notes. 

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