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Is It Possible To Pursue A Career And A College Degree At The Same Time?

Most of us go into college as the first step in pursuing a career. But some think that it is best if they immediately jump ahead and start following their career. We cannot say that one is better since both scenarios have produced successful people in different industries. But, how about those who want to do both at the same time? Is it possible to pursue a career and study at the same time?

Effects Of Studying In Your Career

It is a given fact that studying opens wider opportunities when it comes to building a career. You get better job offers, though not a guarantee; it is often that students who graduate with a degree get a better job offer. 

Studying also allows you to build your network outside your industry as you get the chance to meet other people that would soon go to their respective chosen careers.

Studying also teaches the technicalities of a certain profession that will enable you to perform better when you are working.

Why Do Some People Choose Their Career Over A College Degree

So if studying opens opportunities, why are there students preferring to go ahead and pursue their career?

It Teaches You The Ins And Outs Of Real Life

They say that nothing beats hands-on experience, and that is true. Experiencing how to do a job in real life allows you to understand better on how to do a specific job that sometimes is not taught at school. As always, it is easier to learn things when you can feel and touch them. 

It Gives You A Head Start

Pursuing a career also gives you a headstart as you can immediately start growing your career while everyone else is busy studying at school. Imagine, you already have a four-year working experience when others of the same are just graduating.

But here is where the dilemma starts; though experience can bring you a long way, most companies still prefer candidates with a degree when it comes to their upper management positions. So even though you have a four-year head start, chances are, people with a college degree would get an easy promotion. 

So now we go back to the question if it is possible to have the best of both worlds? The answer is yes, but it all depends on your attitude.

Right Mindset 

Remember that though it is possible to pursue a career and study, it is not easy. You need to have the right mindset and attitude if you decide to follow this path. You will have to face many challenges and struggles, and often you will feel like giving up. 

Good Time Management

Studying in college alone is a handful enough, let alone trying to squeeze in the task of pursuing your career. 

That is why if you are doing both, you need to have good time management skills. And when we say good, it has to be nearly perfect. You need to balance your studies, career, personal and social life. 

Do not use your situation as an excuse for not accomplishing any task.

Sacrifices Have To Be Made

Like everything else, good things come with a price. If you want a better future, then you have to make sacrifices. You may find yourself in a position wherein you have less time to do other activities. But remember that you can bear the fruits of your hard work later in life, maybe even more than what you are missing now.

Make Time For Yourself

Though time is not on your side, it is still vital to cut some slack and provide time for yourself. Remember, you are only human, and you can only do as much. 

Sometimes, you need to step back and take a break to move further ahead. That is why as mentioned before, you need to have proper time management, or else you won’t be able to accomplish anything no matter how hard you try.

Life is about making choices. It is what makes life so interesting. Whether you decide to study first, follow your career, or even do both simultaneously, all of it needs commitment. Do not stop when you fail but rather use it to become better. Never allow anyone to tell you that it is not possible. 

Impossible is just an excuse for those who do not want to try.

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