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Interesting Appliance You Should Bring To College

Even if you are about to live in a small space during most of your college life, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a number of your appliance. But of course, you have to ask your RA first which ones are acceptable. After all, you wouldn’t want to cause any trouble just because you brought a coffee maker, would you?  

Just in case you’ve seen the rules, check out our list and see which amazing appliances you can bring to your dormitory.  

Portable Washing Machine  

Who would want to wear clothes that aren’t fresh? With a portable washing machine, you are able to have fresh clothes every single time. Plus, you can save a lot of cash as you do not have to visit the laundromat.  

Single Burner  

Are you allowed to cook your own food? If yes, then getting a single burner will do you good. At least you have the opportunity to prepare healthy meals. Just so you know, many college students often resort to fast-food restaurants. And obviously, that could take a toll on your health.  

How about learning how to cook your meals, bring them to school, live healthier. And again, save a lot of cash.

Single Door Refrigerator  

Do you always want to get cool drinks? If yes, then a small refrigerator will do you good. You can even stack your fruits and veggies in here. It’s even ideal if you have a late group study session with your team. At least you won’t have to go out and get drinks from the nearest convenience store.  

Mini Waffle Maker  

They say that having breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And as a college student, you would need the energy to face your professors, and to do other things such as meeting your friends, and working, if you have a part-time job.  

Waffle makers can also create amazing sandwiches, if you are that type of person. What’s good about this appliance is that it is  easy to use and a breeze to clean.  

Micro Popcorn Maker  

If you want to spend the entire night at your dormitory and watch some Netflix, don’t forget to have some popcorn with your roommates. And if you don’t have a microwave, that’s not a problem. There are micro popcorn makers available. The best part is that it gives you perfectly cooked popcorns as if you are getting them from the movie house.  

Bullet Blender  

As college students, you must be cautious about your health. So instead of drinking carbonated and highly sweetened beverages, make your own healthy smoothie with a bullet blender. The beauty of having one is that it is so compact, you can keep it practically anywhere.  

Coffee Maker 

You shouldn’t spend most of your allowance on over-priced coffee. Instead, buy your own coffee maker. There are portable ones which you can find practically anywhere. It’s a wise investment, most especially that you are about to work on research papers, and you have to study for long exams.  

A Tablet  

Some of you might think that a tablet isn’t necessary if you have a laptop. But just imagine the convenience of having one. You can watch movies easily while you are stuck in bed. Or you can edit your report saved in the cloud without having to turn on your laptop. It’s all about efficiency.  

Vacuum Cleaner  

Here’s the truth. Your dorm can be extremely filthy. And if you are not going to clean it, imagine how much it could affect your hygiene. Eventually, your room will be filled with dust and dirt, and you must use a vacuum to ensure that your space is a safe place to live in.  

Hot Pot  

A hot pot is ideal if you are a type of student who loves to make oatmeal, pasta, or soup. At least you can easily boil water without ever needing a stove. If you must know, most dorm rooms will not allow stoves.  

Small Mirror  

Who would want to look like you just woke up while attending a class? Make sure that you look decent enough with a small mirror that you can easily pick up from your desk. These things are affordable, and you can definitely buy one for yourself.  

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