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Increase Your Chance of Getting Into an Ivy League

When you talk about academic and social prestige, the Ivy League always comes on top of the list. Just getting into one of them is already an accomplishment on its own. 

What Is An Ivy League

But first, what is so good about the Ivy League that everyone wants to get into it? The Ivy League is a group of elite universities that offers the best facilities and highest quality of education. There are eight Ivy League schools, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, and The University of Pennsylvania.

They have also produced a lot of alumni who hold high positions in different social sectors. Because of this, many students worldwide are trying to get into these universities. They believe that graduating from here would make them successful in life and their career. 

But getting into one of these universities is no walk in the park. The application process is so meticulous that only a selected few get the chance to be part of this exclusive group. 

So how do you increase your chance of getting in an Ivy League? Here are some tips that you could follow to increase your chance of getting into one of these prestigious universities.

Make Sure That You Have Good Grades

Well, this is obvious, but it is the most important thing you have to do to get into the Ivy League. Good grades are not enough, but you should have outstanding ones because remember, these universities only choose the best of the best. To be on the safe side, your GPA should not be less than 4.0. 

You should also have high SAT and ACT scores. Try to excel in critical academic subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Language as these are the subjects that these schools focus more on.

But this only puts you in front of the doorstep. Even with a high grade, it is not guaranteed that you will be automatically accepted. The university has to see something unique about you before they even consider letting you in. 

Do Not Procrastinate And Apply Early

Remember that thousands of other students are also vying their way into these exclusive universities, so the sooner you apply, the better chance you have. When you decide to apply, make sure that you choose the university that you really like as you only have one shot. Once you get under an early decision, you have to withdraw from other schools; that is why you have to commit fully. 

Create An Exceptional Essay

“Why should we accept you?  What makes you special?” These are the questions that you should start thinking about. You need to create a statement that would set you apart from other applicants. Make sure everything is perfect, from grammar to formats. 

Make sure that your topic is something unique and not something generic. Having a cliche subject is an automatic rejection for these schools. However, it does not have to be out of this world or extraordinary. It has to be something that comes from deep within you. 

Participate In Extracurricular Activities

Universities do not only look at the academic performance of an applicant but also their extracurricular activities. But you have to be careful when engaging yourself in these activities as you have to choose those that will give you that advantage.

It will not help if you try to jump around different extracurriculars as it would show that you are a jack of all trades and master of nothing. It would be better if you try to focus on one and become an expert. It would help you get noticed more as the admission officer can see your expertise that you may apply and share on their campus.

Prepare For Your Interview

It may not be the most important part of the admission, but it still plays a role in whether you will be accepted or rejected in the university.  Make sure that you are confident when answering questions, Do not go around the bush and go straight to the point. Remember to be polite and be true to yourself. 

It may be hard to get into the Ivy League, but it is not impossible. In the competitive world we now live in, it is important that you grab every advantage that you can and don’t miss out on opportunities. But keep in mind that getting in the Ivy league is only half of the story; staying and graduating is another. 

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